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A resourceful website developed by the Educator Certification Program that demonstrates powerful teaching strategies for use by novice and veteran teachers alike.

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2017 Job Fair for Teachers

Come see if you are the one who can fill the new teaching and other personnel needs! Region 13’s teacher job fair is an opportunity to meet local area recruiters to find out about exciting opportunities in Texas schools!

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Teaching Innovations

Creating innovative classrooms builds lively teaching, academic rigor, and connective instruction, the three components of engagement. These videos showcase four methods for increasing these components.

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2017 TEKS Resource System Curriculum Conference

A showcase awaits of innovative practices, inspirational speakers, and endless networking opportunities. The conference is open to educators from all levels and disciplines seeking to hone their craftsmanship, ignite their passion, and explore new learning experiences.

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Cognition and Acquisition of Math Competence: Chris Woodin Grades 6-8

Learning math can be challenging, especially for students who have specific learning disabilities. Join Dr. Woodin as he shares methods will be presented that use minimum language demands and whole-to-part, multi-modal strategies to help students express, relate, store, and retrieve information efficiently.


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Reminder about PNP training

There are lots of changes with the new ESSA application and requirements!  TEA will be at ESC 13 to provide training on the Private Non-Profit schedule: PNP Training (SP1737185) April 24     9:00 – 12:00  (TEA presentation) ESC 13 staff will be on hand from 1:00 – 4:00 to answer questions Sign up here: […] Read More

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

Are there times when you just want to wave a magic wand and make a problem go away, but you haven’t got a magic wand and the problem remains? Click the link to learn about the new science of Leading Change and an exciting workshop opportunity Influencer Training Flyer Read More