CIMA 2017: Conference on Instruction for Multilingual Advancement

The 2017 Conference on Instruction for Multilingual Advancement is a two day event designed to empower educators to improve outcomes for language learners of all kinds.

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Collaborative Leadership - 6 Influences that Matter Most

Peter DeWitt is a former K-5 Teacher of 11 years, principal for 8, and educational consultant for 2 years. In this presentation, he’ll be offering practical high impact strategies to improve school climate, expand teacher involvement in student learning to increase engagement, and involve a broader family network.

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Teaching Innovations

Creating innovative classrooms builds lively teaching, academic rigor, and connective instruction, the three components of engagement. These videos showcase four methods for increasing these components.

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Anita Archer at Region 13

Join the Strategic InstructionTeam as we host guest speaker Dr. Anita Archer for two full days of Explicit Instruction training. Dr. Archer will present on two different classroom management topics: improving your students' performance by getting them all engaged on October 25th, and building better practice into your daily lessons on October 26th.

October 25 and October 26

Marcy Cook - Creating an “Active” Mathematics Classroom K-5

Join Marcy Cook’s class Create an “Active” Mathematics Classroom for an inspirational day filled with innovative hands-on math activities to get your students actively involved with math.


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Why SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is Essential for ELLs

When considering language acquisition, anxiety, stress and self-consciousness can become major roadblocks for ELL students. When a student’s affective filter is crowded with these distractions, the ability to focus on instruction becomes a challenge. Frustration, low-motivation, and boredom often follow exponentially. While there are many accommodations and strategies teachers can employ to help lower the …

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7 Great Resources for Parents of ELLs

Want to support your ELL students when they are away from the classroom? Promoting parental and community participation in ESL or Bilingual Programs for ELLs helps to ensure a rich learning environment at home.  Providing parents with resources like the ones below is a great way to help parents stay active in the education of …

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