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We're Building Better Behavior

We're a team of general education and special education specialists working to build better behavior in your schools. We work with your districts and campuses to provide technical assistance, top-notch behavior trainings, assistance, resources, and behavior management to schools and campuses in need.

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School Behavior Support

We work with your schools, from the individual student to the campus level, to build custom behavior plans, reinforce and improve current practices, and implement new and well researched behavior systems.

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Workshops and Trainings

We offer up our space here at Region 13 to bring you top-notch behavior and classroom management trainings and workshops throughout the academic year.

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Resources and Support

We provide and create custom resources designed to improve and support your behavior management.

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Restorative Discipline Facilitator Training

November 11 - 15

Restorative Discipline (RD) is a philosophy and system wide process that works to change the school culture rather than merely responding to student behavior. When implementing restorative discipline a shift in practice occurs that results in a culture that is inclusive, builds fair process into decision-making practices, and facilitates student learning to address the impact of their actions through an approach that allows for true accountability, skill building, cooperation, and mutual understanding. RD will not only reduce the number of suspension and expulsions in schools, it also will increase class instructional time leading to greater opportunities for academic success.

Join us for this 3 day training to learn the 11 essential elements that comprise restorative discipline. Participants will facilitate check-in circles, community building circles, and restorative conferences, as well as, learn the next steps to implementing restorative discipline on campus