Charter School Services

The Education Service Center Region 13 is pleased to announce the launch of the Charter School Initiative to assist charter schools in the following:

  • Accelerating student achievement in Region 13 charters;
  • Informing the community about how charters are unique from traditional public schools; and
  • Offering the opportunity for charter leaders to network.

Two strands comprise the Charter School Leader Continuous Improvement Collaborative being offered to charters for the 2015-2016 school year. 

  1. The Charter Regional Advisory Committee (C-RAC) is offered for the charter executive leaders (superintendent, CEO, etc).  Charter district leaders are encouraged to participate in monthly C-RAC meetings free of charge.
  2. Campus-level leaders of charter schools are offered membership in the Charter Campus Leaders Collaborative (CCLC),  Charters who register for the CCLC on behalf of their campus leaders will be provided:
  • Workshops on implementing the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to enhance or transform local practices;
  • Regular networking opportunities to discuss best practices in charter school continuous improvement strategies and receive updated information on state initiatives;
  • Behavior Event Interviews (BEI) for two selected administrators with follow-up reports; and
  • One free membership to Curriculum Council.