Student Learning Objectives Training

Oct. 23, 2017

How are you addressing student growth expectations?

Excellent teachers regularly set learning goals for their students and use a variety of data sources to monitor progress towards these goals throughout the year.
The Student Learning Objectives process aims to capture this best practice as a means to allowing teachers and teacher appraisers to determine and reflect on a teacher’s pedagogical strengths and areas for growth.

It is not too late to consider piloting slos in 2017-18!

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Dr. Anita Archer Presents: Getting Them All Engaged - Inclusive Active Participation

Oct. 25 - 26, 2017

The Strategic Instruction Team welcomes Dr. Anita Archer to Region 13

Do you have students who are not attending or participating during your lessons? Dr. Anita Archer will show you how to actively engaged all of your students in instruction by using research validated procedures. You'll learn about verbal responses (choral, partner, team, and individual), written responses (response slates and response cards), and action responses (acting out, gestures, hand signals) as you learn how to improve your classroom participation.

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Marcy Cook - Creating an “Active” Mathematics Classroom K-5

November 2, 2017

Join Marcy Cook’s class Create an “Active” Mathematics Classroom for an inspirational day filled with innovative hands-on math activities to get your students actively involved with math. She will show you quick and effective daily 5-minute warm-ups to begin your math time. She’ll demonstrate a variety of mental math strategies that develop reasoning, number sense, computation and problem-solving skills. Marcy demonstrates amazing classroom management skills and best practices that you will love. Marcy will show you how to use multi-level activities to reinforce learning during independent task time and how to teach computational competency without paper and pencil. Come spend a day with Marcy, a day you’ll never forget!

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