PLC Recharge

September 18, 2017

PLC Recharge is a one-day training intended to assist teachers and administrators who are new to your campus in aligning and participating in a collaborative school culture. This workshop will help develop a common understanding of the definition and big ideas of PLCs, as well as the importance of norms, cyclical agendas, roles, and the four critical questions to guide productive conversations focused on improving student learning. Participants will receive 6 CE credits.

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AIE Conference

September 26-27, 2017

The Advancing Improvement in Education Conference (AIE) is about inspiring growth and reigniting a passion for increasing student outcomes. It is about envisioning extraordinary possibilities, taking courageous actions, and being our best selves to motivate and create expectations for continuous improvement. The call to action is to recommit to leading, teaching, learning, and excelling in creating positive change that addresses the needs of all children.

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Dr. Anita Archer Presents: Getting Them All Engaged - Inclusive Active Participation

Oct. 25 - 26, 2017

The Strategic Instruction Team welcomes Dr. Anita Archer to Region 13

Do you have students who are not attending or participating during your lessons? Dr. Anita Archer will show you how to actively engaged all of your students in instruction by using research validated procedures. You'll learn about verbal responses (choral, partner, team, and individual), written responses (response slates and response cards), and action responses (acting out, gestures, hand signals) as you learn how to improve your classroom participation.

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