Counselor Co-op

The Counselor Support Service Cooperative has two components:  The Elementary Counselor  Support Service Cooperative (ECSSC) and the Secondary Counselor Support Service Cooperative (SCSSC).


Fall Co-op Workshops Spring Co-op Workshops




Each of the cooperatives will:

  • Provide four regularly scheduled ½ day network meetings;

Each meeting will have a presenter who can offer specialized information about a topic dealing with one of the four components of the Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program and issues faced by counselors on a daily basis. These meetings provide opportunities for counselors to learn about up-to-date research, models and allow time to collaborate and share ideas related to counseling.

  • Provide four high quality  professional development opportunities;

Each professional development opportunity will be focused around the four components of the Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program.  The workshops will be presented by specialists in the field of guidance and counseling.  The annual workshop topics will be based on the results of our annual survey to regional counselors and on feedback received throughout the year.

For more information on how to join one of the Cooperatives, contact Tisha Kolek at 512-919-5337.


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