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Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum (DMAC) supplies Texas educators with the tools and services necessary to develop and improve the quality of education provided to students.

Each component of DMAC Solutions is priced separately allowing you to purchase only those pieces you need.


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State Assessment webpage

State Assessment

STAAR or TELPAS reports by district, campus, teacher or student. Approximate state accountability measures and analyze data to assist in developing differentiated instruction.



TAG webpage


Create local assessments. Select from original content aligned to state standards or create your own. Access TEA released tests or TEKS Resource System questions (if your school is a subscriber).

TEKScore webpage


TEKScore incorporates a complete toolkit for scoring and analyzing local assessments (aligned with TEKS, ELPS and/or AP). The online Student Response System allows students to input their answers to an assessment online. Utilize the Dashboards at the District/Campus or Teacher levels to quickly drill down and analyze results.

TPRI & Tejas Lee webpage

TPRI & Tejas LEE

Early Reading Performance. Sold separately, each application assists with TPRI or Tejas LEE data collection, reporting and analysis. The program also creates an export for users to complete the ECDS Kindergarten data submission to TEA.


Appraisals webpage


Appraisal System. Allows administrators to meet state-mandated requirements for teacher appraisals (e.g., T-TESS and T-PESS). Teachers are able to complete and electronically sign their documentation online.


Student Portfolio webpage

Student Portfolio

Seamless transfer of individual student data district-wide. Locate students quickly and access all data K-12 in Student Portfolio. Record notes, upload additional information, and print local and state data.

LPAC webpage


Documentation of LPAC Process. Create and manage ESL and Bilingual forms and letters. Integrates with other DMAC applications assisting with data entry and documentation for EL population. Data Dashboard and Report features available to quickly identify students.

RTI webpage


Response to Intervention. Create and maintain documentation for struggling students. Historical plans, progress monitoring and assessment data complete the interactive web-based plans.

PGP webpage


Personal Graduation Plan (HS). Facilitates the development and maintenance of four-year plans for high school students allowing users to select assigned courses, graduation plans, Endorsements, Programs of Study and document credits. Meets requirements of HB5. PGP Intervention (MS/JH). Permits users to develop state-mandated personal graduation plans to document intervention/monitoring plans and student/parent goals.

SSI webpage


Student Success Initiative. Develop/maintain accelerated instruction plans for students in grades 5 and 8 who have failed the Reading and/or Math portion of state tests. Includes all state forms required for the Grade Placement Committee.


CIA Alignment webpage

CIA Alignment

Curriculum Instruction and Assessment. Align and map district built curriculum (i.e., TEKS, ELPS and AP). Users can connect planned instruction to performance on state assessments in order to increase student achievement. Print, export and share documentation with ease.


SIP Alignment webpage


District/Campus Improvement Plans. Create and maintain customized improvement plans. Automatically reconcile expenses and upload custom pages if desired. Includes a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) module.


FormWorks webpage


Generate Online Forms. Create customized forms and collect data. Forms can be stand-alone (e.g., district surveys, travel requests) or they may be linked to other DMAC applications.

lead4ward webpage


Data Tools. Harness the power of DMAC to create digital versions of data tools recommended by lead4ward during their statewide trainings on how to use state and local data to help students and improve instruction.

Data Exports

Customize the export of your state and local data included in DMAC as a .csv format. This application is free to all users.

Utilities webpage


System Management Tools -- Upload and access data, manage user accounts and student enrollment information. This application is free to all users.

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