Driving Safety - Online Classes

Driver Training and Education
Texas-Approved Online Driving Safety Courses

All of the TEA-approved courses listed here may be used to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket.

Course Name Phone School No. CP No.
Aceable Defensive Driving (A)(H) 512.522.4174 C2876 CP262
OnlineDefensiveDriving.com (A) 800.292.5080 C1760 CP529
The Safe Driver Centre Course (S) 877.664.4808 C0341 CP341
Comedy Driving Inc. 866.357.2020 C1742 CP319
USA Driver Safety Course 877.883.7290 C2786 CP246
DefensiveDriver.com 888.545.5422 C1284 CP284
Defensive Driving Solutions 866.777.9366 C2450 CP585
1SafeDriver.com 888.750.6400 C2756 CP221
GetDefensive.com (S) 800.851.3007 C2084 CP021
Aware Driver (S) 877.299.4511 C2422 CP995
ApprovedCourse.com Defensive Driving (A) 800.581.3997 C2861 CP280
3DDefensiveDriving.com 888.822.3340 C1566 CP360
Comedy Defensive Driving 866.540.0584 C1965 CP333
USA Driver Safety Course (H) 800.449.0581 C2424 CP246
Traffic 101 800.373.7313 C2185 CP750
247TexasDriverSafety.com 888.718.3927 C2526 CP156
1-Driving.com 877.776.3389 C2565 CP935
Ticket Stop 800.485.4503 C1600 CP600
Defensive Driving By Improv Comedy Club 800.660.8909 C2663 CP342
Fast and Easy Online Defensive Driving Course 888.470.7881 C2228 CP871
American Driver Improvement 888.522.2226 C1828 CP490
Drive Like This Presents Texas Defensive Driving 855.326.8990 C2620 CP853
American Safety Council - Texas Driving School (S) 877.463.2477 C2386 CP520
Drive Defensively in Texas 888.428.8296 C0206 CP206
Wirelessdefensivedriving.com 972.295.9005 C2755 CP997
The DTA Program for Driver Improvement (H) 800.558.9887 C1995 CP090
A Driving Safety Course by Safe2Drive 800.763.1297 C2229 CP577
USA Driver Safety Course 800.930.8329 C2036 CP246
Safety-Ed™ Texas Driving Safety Course (S)(H) 800.980.2175 C1947 CP947
Statewide Defensive Driving (A) 888.331.2113 C0465 CP036
DriversEd.com 877.877.2525 C2548 CP548
Rush Defensive Driving (A)(S) 800.292.5080 C1760 CP343
Texas Defensive Driving School 866.942.1937 C0600 CP411
A Sense of Humor Workshop 866.631.0414 C2067 CP814
A Safer Driver 972.907.9886 C0728 CP728
TrafficSchool4Less.com 888.257.5377 C2523 CP379
ExpressLane Defensive Driving 800.646.2633 C2744 CP550
TrafficSchoolOnline.com 866.766.7009 C2182 CP058
Cheap-Easy-Fast-Defensive Driving Online 800.554.4912 C2664 CP309
I Drive Safely (H) 800.723.1955 C1635 CP225
Driving University 877.937.4846 C2458 CP712
iDefensiveDriving 800.446.1840 C2817 CP270

(A) - Offers course via internet, DVD/CD, Cable TV, or Videotape

(H) - Indicates that the course has provisions to assist the deaf and hard of hearing

(S) - Offers course in Spanish

For more information, visit the Driving Safety FAQ page.