Hill Country Summer Institute

June 16-17, 2014

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This two day Institute focuses on evaluation and legal issues pertinent to Speech Language Pathologists.
DAY 1: JUNE 16th

Day one of the Institute will be provided by Cyndi O'Toole and Misty Terrell who will lead a discussion focusing on ABA for the SLP: Understanding the principles of ABA as they relate to evaluation, treatment, and collaboration.


Hill Country Institute Download flyer.

This two day Institute focuses on evaluation and legal issues pertinent to Educational Diagnosticians and LSSPs.
DAY 1: JUNE 16th

Day one of the Institute will feature Dr. Kevin McGrew who will provide information on "Best Practices using CHC Theory and Assessment". The afternoon will address the new Woodcock-Johnson IV: Introduction and Overview..

Hill Country Institute (both conferences)

DAY 2: JUNE 17th

Day two will consist of several breakout sessions addressing a variety of topics related to Special Education. Presenters and topics will include:

Jim Walsh - "Legal Update for Evaluation Personnel"

Jim Walsh will provide information regarding new legal requirements that impact evaluation personnel as well as a look at legal cases regarding evaluation issues.

Angela Ward - "A District's Journey to Cultural Proficiency"

Austin Independent School District (Austin, Texas) embarked on the journey towards cultural proficiency in December 2010 with the formation of the AISD Council on Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness. This session will provide an overview of the AISD journey as well as engage participants in a personal understanding of the inside-out approach that is Cultural Proficiency.

Mertie Miller-Gomez - "Implementing a Best Practice FIE Program to Improve Student Outcomes"

The quality of an FIE has particular importance for comprehensive planning to meet students' learning needs. Developing a Best Practice FIE allows the school district to respond to a student's successes and struggles with a data-driven document and provides for a defensible FIE. This session will walk you through how to build student success upon a firm foundation of a Best Practice FIE. It will also provide information on Houston ISD developed resources to assist with implementing a Best Practice FIE program district wide. These free resources include an FIE Checklist, FIE Blog Site and an FIE rubric.

Ben Garza - "FBAs and BIPs: What Evaluation Personnel Needs to Know"

So you have finished another year and you have done countless FIE's Re-evaluations, consultations, attended endless ARD meetings, made an obscene amount of phone calls and performed all of the "other duties as assigned." Somewhere in your free time you conducted some Functional Behavior Assessment's and Behavior Intervention Plan's but you find yourself wondering if you did it right. Step into this session and work as a team to help determine what nuts and bolts need tightening in your FBA/BIP process.



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