Project Pathway

project pathway transitioning students from high school to college or the working world

We're Helping Students find their paths.

Project Pathway is a program operated by the Homeless Education Program here at Region 13. Project pathway prepares students to progress into adulthood by providing college and career guidance along with tools for post secondary proficiency and life skills.



What we Offer

  • We teach professional, life, financial, and even etiquette skills to set students up for success.
  • We provide students with supplies, lunches on the day of, and a stipend of $25 for each session attended.
  • We show students a road-map to college and walk them through the steps. We also take them on a college trip.

Help us Help Students in Need

Project Pathway is a free service provided to students in need. The project relies on partnerships with local businesses and the generosity of donations. We welcome contributions of goods, services, and time. We are interested in opportunities to increase the Project Pathway students' understanding of the world around them, and encourage them to become productive and self-sufficient citizens. If you're a business or individual looking to offer your support, please contact us.

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