Visionaries in Technology (ViTaL)

ViTaL is an professional learning group made up of technology staff from each of the 60 school districts as well as private and charter schools in Region 13. The group's effort centers on the integration of technology into the curriculum and the instructional program, compliance with state and federal requirements and providing professional development opportunities to increase district capacity.

For more information about opportunities available for Visionaries in Technology and Learning (ViTaL), contact:

Steve Stroud

Coordinator: Information Technology

Leslie Barrett

Coordinator: Distance Learning Programs

Nichole Kertis

Education Specialist: Special Education/Assistive Technology

Periodic announcements are sent to all members and friends of the group about upcoming events, information from TEA, as well as questions from the group. If you are interested in joining the ViTaL LISTSERV, please fill in the following:

Email address:
Your name: