Leadership Services



Greetings principals, assistant principals, central office administrators, and teacher leaders!

Welcome to Region 13's Local Leadership Services Landing Page.

In partnership with several of our departments, we provide specialized programs, workshops, and products to support you in your daily work.  Whether this is your first year as a school principal or your twentieth year as an instructional specialist on your campus, we offer programs to deepen your practice and expand your leadership skills. 

Below we highlight a few of our new and featured upcoming programs.  Explore all our programs in-depth by following the links on the side of the page.

Services for new and beginning school leaders:

Beginning Administrator Academy

Our year-long induction academy for beginning principals and assistant principals includes a two-day instructional leadership institute, three specialized network meetings throughout the school year, site visits with individualized coaching, and our one-day leadership event in conjunction with the AIE conference in November. For more information, contact Lora Dever at Lora.dever@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5240.


AEL is a statewide training that all new leaders must complete to become T-TESS appraisers. Region 13 offers trainings at the service center several times a year, or can coordinate with districts to train on site for groups of administrators. For more information, visit the statewide Advancing Educational Leadership website:  https://AEL.education. Contact LaWanda Carley at lawanda.carley@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5208.


The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) is the Commissioner Recommended teacher evaluation system for the state of Texas.  Region 13 hosts T-TESS trainings throughout the year for local school leaders. All new administrators must complete the three day training prior to using the T-TESS appraisal system on their campus. A variety of orientations and refresher trainings can also be customized to your district's needs. For more information, please visit the statewide T-TESS website:  https://teachfortexas.org/ Contact LaWanda Carley at Lawanda.carley@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5208.


Services for leaders of all levels of experience:

Region 13 Community of Leaders

Community of Leaders is our network of administrators from across the area. Three lunch meetings throughout the year compliment a one-day leadership event in conjunction with the AIE conference in November. Opportunities to participate in problems of practice, school site visits, and more are the foundation of our work to increase collaboration in the region. Save the dates for our 2018-2019 events: Wednesday September 26th, 2018, January 23rd, 2019, and March 6th, 2019. For more information, contact Lora Dever at Lora.dever@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5240.

Pivotal Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an individualized experience that can dramatically improve the quality of professional life. Pivotal Leadership Coaching creates a structured and trusting partnership to support leaders in fast-paced, decision making roles. For more information, contact Rachel Simic at 512-919-5461, or rachel.simic@esc13.txed.net.


Our department offers training for instructional leadership teams, and can work with you to build custom events that best meet your needs. 

Contact Lora Dever for more information at 512-919-5240 or by email at: lora.dever@esc13.txed.net.


A-F Accountability:

How will you communicate to your teachers and families about the changes to the accountability ratings system? Jonathan Delgado from TEA (and formerly Region 13) shows us how to share key takeaways in about 15 minutes.