Library & Literacy Summit


Literacy is at the heart of learning.  Most other subject areas depend on developed literacy for their success.  The library is a campus-based resource to promote literacy and other academic endeavors of a campus.  Information literacy, digital literacy and media literacy are “new literacies” that are prevalent in our lives and the lives of our students, and, like traditional literacies, are cornerstones of the enhancement and advancement of other subject knowledge (math, science, social studies, arts, health, etc.).

LLS is a conference with breakout sessions created to support student literacy development.  It’s not just a library conference.  It’s not just a literacy conference.  In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, we have combined the two and created the LLS.

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Our sessions have a broad appeal to a wide audience.  While library specific, ELAR specific or technology specific sessions are welcome, we also look for sessions that will inspire collaboration between librarians and classroom educators.  We view the library as an extension of the classroom; as such, we look for ways to promote ideas that inspire librarians to support classroom teachers in new and innovative ways as well as ideas that allow classroom teachers to see librarians as partners in classroom instructional pursuits.