LOTE Institute 2014

Session information and Handouts

AP French: Covering the 6 Themes with TV5.org (in French)

11:05-12:05, Highland Lakes

Tammy Nettles, Cedar Park High School, Leander ISD

Locating audio and video clips that enhance the AP French curriculum can be time-consuming.  This workshop highlights several authentic audiovisual resources I use to prepare students for the listening portion of AP French exam.

Can You Hear Me Now? Get Them Comprehending!

2:20-3:20, Highland Lakes

MilyBett Llanos-Gremillon, Judith Kemp, and Jennifer Melgar, Westwood High School, Round Rock ISD

Struggling with listening comprehension? In this session, participants will work with a variety of strategies to get students truly comprehending and succeeding on listening comprehension assessments. We will work with activities which help students from Levels 1 through AP, beginning with listening for the gist, progressing to detail and
pulling specific information from the text. We will have examples and resources in Spanish, German and French, as well as English for those who teach other languages.

Construye un puente entre los alumnos hispanohablantes, sus padres y la escuela utilizando la cultura (Culture for Native Speaker Learners)

11:05-12:05, Barton Springs

Nila Ornelas, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD

Si tus estudiantes hispanohablantes no ven una carrera universitaria en su futuro muchas veces es porque no creen en sí mismos ni en su capacidad. Conéctate con ellos y con sus padres para despertar el interés por el estudio. Haz tus lecciones de gramática y ortografía divertidas al ponerles un toque de cultura. Usa poemas, canciones y proyectos que promuevan el orgullo por nuestra cultura, la autoestima y un futuro prometedor. Al final fácilmente podrás tener eventos culturales donde tus alumnos brillarán y sus padres se divertirán y podrán obtener información de cómo apoyar a sus hijos.

Culturally Responsive Teaching in the LOTE Classroom

9:55-10:55, Highland Lakes

Tina Dong, World Languages Coordinator, Austin ISD

As our world becomes more and more globally connected, it is imperative that educators understand how to promote cultural proficiency and inclusiveness in the learning environment. In addition to furnishing students with the knowledge and skills to become effective communicators in a second language, language teachers of all levels also have the responsibility of helping students attain a level of global empathy that can be developed through the teaching of culture. Come see how you can start the journey of becoming a culturally responsive teacher by learning how to acknowledge and celebrate the multiple perspectives of your students. Participants will learn about the inside-out approach and walk away with ideas for activities that help students to appreciate the diversity that surrounds us all.

Differentiation and Accommodations with Technology

9:55-10:55, Enchanted Rock/Laguna Gloria

11:05-12:05, Enchanted Rock/Laguna Gloria

Nichole Kertis, Assistive Technology Specialist, ESC Region 13

This interactive session will explore a variety of free digital resources (built-in features of Windows/Word, websites, apps) that support students struggling with listening, reading, writing, and communicating.  Participants will learn how to differentiate lessons and provide accommodations so that all students (students in general or special education) are able to access/understand grade level content.


For a continually updated handout, visit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28832880/LOTE_Diff.AccommWithTechnology.docx

The Dream Theme: Two Compelling Themes that Engage Students in Communication

1:10-2:10, Lost Pines

​2:20-3:20, Lost Pines

Darcy Johnson and Brian McDonough, Westwood High School, Round Rock ISD

Presenters will share student- centered activities that are based on interesting cultural topics. Through these activities, students become more aware of perspectives and practices of the target culture while they apply the language in a (simulated) authentic setting. Activities shared will focus on Spanish language and culture (levels vary), but some activities for French and German will also be shared in the handout packet.

Foldables - Traditional & Technology-Infused for the Foreign Language Classroom

1:10-2:10, Treaty Oak

2:20-3:30, Treaty Oak

Desiree Hanson, Bowie High School, Austin ISD

Miniature books, cascading flip books and dioramas are just a few of the traditional and technology-infused foldables you will learn to create. The technology-infused foldables are free Powerpoint templates allowing your students to use technology skills while engaged in meaningful foreign language activities. Many examples and ideas will be shown as well as a website full of examples and templates will be provided so you can use these immediately in your classroom!

Open Educational Resources for Language Learning

9:55-10:55, Warm Springs/Natural Bridge Caverns

1:10-2:10, Warm Springs/Natural Bridge Caverns

Garin Fons, Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, The University of Texas at Austin

The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) at The University of Texas at Austin provides free, high-quality open educational resources (OER) for the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Participants in this session will learn about the Open Education movement and the culture of participation and sharing that has driven its success and sustainability over the past decade. We will also demonstrate a variety of websites, online repositories, and collections that feature a wide range of OER that can be freely used in or adapted to a classroom setting.

An Organized Teacher Promotes an Organized Learner

1:10-2:20, Highland Lakes

MilyBett Llanos-Gremillon, Judith Kemp, and Jennifer Melgar, Westwood High School, Round Rock ISD

Keep it together! But how?!? Join three veteran teachers as they share their tools, tips and tricks to help make your day-to-day routine run smoothly for you and your students. Take away ideas for organizing the learning environment and planting the roots for a prepared learner.

PBL Overview for Teachers of Languages Other than English

11:05-12:05, Treaty Oak

​2:20-3:20, Barton Springs

German Ramos, T-STEM Project Coordinator, ESC Region 13

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is undoubtedly one of the hottest buzz words in education today. Discover the 8 Essential Elements of PBL and explore PBL as an instructional strategy for your classroom.  The goal of this workshop is to acquire a better understanding of PBL.

SpinTX - Bringing Authentic Spanish Videos into the Classroom

11:05-12:05, Warm Springs/Natural Bridge Caverns

2:20-3:20, Warm Springs/Natural Bridge Caverns

Rachael Gilg Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, The University of Texas at Austin

This workshop will introduce SpinTX—a free and open collection of video interviews with bilingual Spanish speakers in Texas. Developed in partnership with teachers, SpinTX offers annotated transcripts and tools that make it easy to develop lessons and activities that focus on authentic, conversational Spanish. Participants will learn how to use SpinTX to search for relevant videos by topic or by target vocabulary and grammar. In addition, example activities and ideas from current SpinTX users will be shared to provide inspiration and quick ways to get started using this flexible resource.

Strategies and Steps in Differentiation: Blended and Flipped Classrooms

9:55-10:55, Rosewood

​11:05-12:05, Rosewood

Sheila Jordan, Round Rock High School, Round Rock ISD

The objectives of this session are two-fold: to clearly define what differentiation is and isn't, and how it contributes to student success in the Foreign Language Classroom. Second, it will provide beginning steps and tools on how to begin to flip your classroom in moving toward a more
differentiated classroom.

Tech Tools Cruise

1:20-3:20, Enchanted Rock/Laguna Gloria

Jennifer Woollven, Education Specialist: Instructional Technology and Leslie Barrett, Education Specialist: Technology & Library Media

In this hands-on, learner-centered session you will explore some of the latest Web 2.0 tools to facilitate curation, communication and creation your classroom.  This is a self-direct session that will utilize iPads (bring your own, or use one of ours!) and our computer lab.  Presenters will be on hand to facilitate your exploration of the tools, offer mini workshops and answer questions you may have about how the tools work and how to incorporate them into your classroom.  Grab your shuffle board score card and let's play!

Use Culture to Open the Door to a Fun Spanish I and II Pre-AP

9:55-10:55, Barton Springs

​1:10-2:10, Barton Springs

Nila Ornelas, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD

Plant a seed in your Spanish I & II students and help your AP program grow by incorporating tongue twisters, poems, songs and higher order level thinking activities and cultural projects that will develop your students' listening, speaking, and writing skills. At the end you will have more students interested in enrolling in future Pre-AP and AP Spanish!

Using Social Networks for Language Learning

9:55-10:55, Treaty Oak

Guillaume Rue, Teacher of English, Collège Lucien Vadez, Calais, Academy of Lille, France

Over the past few years, social networks have become part of our daily life. From creating a twitter account to using it with our students to communicate with partners, this presentation will give you a good insight into how social networks can be used to develop our students' skills.