Beat the Heat Handouts

Beat the Heat 2013 - Preconference Day - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behavior FUNdamentals - Jeanine Fitzgerald

Help! This Kid Is Bad! - Cyndi O'Toole & Laura Petrouka

iCan Do iT: iPads Apps iN Support of iEPs & STAAR-Alternate - Nichole Kertis

It Takes a Village: Planning a Good Life with the Decision-Making Matrix - Denise Geiger

Lets! Work Together! Inclusion, Literacy & Fun(ctional)! How Service Providers Support Literacy in the Classroom - Brenda Bush & Phoung Palafox

Move It! Fun and Structured Movement Activities in the Classroom - Randy Foederer

Sensing, Acting, Learning: Strategies for Fragile Learners - Millie Smith

Beat the Heat 2013 - Main Conference - Thursday, June 27, 2013

9:00 AM

Welcome & Keynote - Lauren Potter

  • Lauren did not have a handout.

12:30 PM

Social Skills: From Parallel Play to Social Thinking - Laura Peroutka

Flexible Alternative: STAAR Alternate and Lesson Planning - Janis Donegan

Growing Self Determined Adults - Misty Terrell

Literacy for Student with Cortical Visual Impairments - Jayme Alexander

Make It Work! Technology + PPCD - Michelle McGehee Linda García

Making eBooks for My Students - Robin Reimund

Ethical Considerations for Speech-Language Pathologists - Paula Chance

  • Handouts are available only to in session participants

2:15 PM

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 101 - Laura Peroutka

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader - Ann Jacobson

Namaste: Yoga for Attention and Relaxation - Ann Jacobson & Nichole Kertis

Making It Meaningful: Teaching Academic Goals in a Functional Way - Stephanie Hartman

Fun Ways to Teach Concepts for Students with Multiple Impairments - Kathie Preece & Debbie Jackson

ACCESS: Liberty Hill's First Year of 18+ Programming - Marci Brooks & Jared Sudekum

Conversational Scripts - Diana Pettke

Beat the Heat 2013 - Main Conference - Friday, June 28, 2013

9:00 AM

Sensory Solutions to Challenging Behavior - Brenda Bush

Circle Time Renovation - Maryteresa Tracy

Ethical Considerations for SLPs Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations - Scott Prath & Ellen Kester

  • Handouts are available only to in session participants

PLAAFP to Goal Writing - Cathy Miller

Roll into Reading with Literacy-Based Motor Activities - Deborah Gauntlett, Diana Hiebeler & Forrest Hancock

All in a Day's Work: How to Adapt Lessons for Students Who Are Multiply Impaired with Significant Visual Impairments - Debra Leff & Nichole Kertis

No Boardmaker? No Problem! Using Microsoft Office to Create Visuals - Robin Reimund

Video Stories: Change Behavior, Develop Language, Build Social Skills, and Have Fun Doing It! - Jessica Roberts

Writer Workshop for Students Who Can't Don't or Won't Write - Ann Jacobson

Creating Structure and Communication through Calendars - Cyndi O'Toole

1:00 PM

Using Ten Frames to Build Number Sense - Ann Jacobson

Using Apps to Support Student Independence - Carol Huntley

Speech and Language Therapy in the Classroom: Can It Meet the Needs of Our Students - Katie Adams

Core Vocabulary for Students with Complex Communication Needs - Karen Vinson

Using Visuals with the SAMA Assisting Process - Maryteresa Tracy

Transition: It's Not Just for High School.  How One District Does Transition from PPCD to Life - Susan Upshaw & Dawn Jennings

Explore the Media of Video on Demand - Carol Teitelman

Data Collection - Ron Hare

How Can ONE Poem Cover So Many TEKS? - Nancy Perkins

Behavior: The Magic of Visuals - Stephanie Hartman

Marvelous Math: Using Math Tubs in a Pre-K Classroom - Kori Winchell

2:30 PM

Shared Predictable Chart Writing - Nichole Kertis & Ann Jacobson

The Successful Employment Journey of a Young Man with Severe Autism - Linda Levine

Coloring & Cutting & Writing - Oh My! Handwriting without Tears Strategies for Improving Fine Motor Skills in Young Writers - Melissa Eckhoff & Sarah Worcester

Strategies that WORK: A Story about Bill Burden Elementary - Phoung Palafox, Meg Gangi, Eric Clawson, Becky Williams & Michelle Boring

Give Yourself a Hand: Using Sign Language in the Classroom - Brenda Bush

Active Listening and Unconditional Positive Regard: How Working in a Prison Prepared Me for Life as a Transition Specialist - Valerie Conner

iPad Basics for SPED Students, Teachers and Families-Subskills, Games and Productivity - Denise Szymczak

PowerPoint Books - Trish Clifford

Introduction to Sexuality Education - Robbie Blaha

Working with Paraprofessionals - How to Make it Work (from the perspective of a teaching assistant turned teacher) - Stephanie Hartman

Literacy Throughout the Day - Amie Gonzales & Jeanne Ply