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Algebra one mini interventions

New Algebra 1 Mini-Interventions 

Algebra 1 can be one of the most difficult subjects to teach to students.  Sometimes as an Algebra 1 teacher in high school you may not understand how the prior concepts that your students lack were taught and how to incorporate conrete methods to help students scaffold to abstract concepts.  

This deconstruction of the TEKS for mathematics makes teaching math more rigorous, more fun, and less confusing. These mini interventions can not only help teachers understand the current TEKS, they also provide background information for skills students might have missed from previous grades, and guidance for how to address them.

Also included are intervention techniques for students who are having a particularly difficult time learning. Intervention modules correspond to student expectations (SEs) as outlined in the TEKS. Each module takes you from pre-assessment, to classroom teaching, all the way through post-assessment, and includes formative questions, important ideas, vocabulary and formulas, step-by-step examples of instructional activities, and questions designed to help you evaluate student mastery.

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Quadratic, Exponential Functions, and Algebraic Methods

Quadratic, Exponential Functions, and Algebraic Methods - Site License



Linear Equations and Inequalities

Linear Equations and Inequalities Site License

Featured Tool -Graphing Calculator Video Tutorials

These videos were created to help teachers learn how to use the graphing calculator for several TEKS that require students to use graphing technology.

Each video is less than 10 minutes long and features the use of the TI 84+ graphing calculator.

A.4A Calculating the Correlation Coefficient

A.4C Finding the Line of Best Fit

8.11B Finding the Mean Absolute Deviation

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How is the implementation of the new math TEKS going?
Do you fully understand the meaning of your new standards? It’s one thing to understand the standards yourself, and quite another to understand how to teach it to students so that they will understand it.

The math team is proud to announce the launch of a new product, the Click-On TEKS, a simple approach to understanding  the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This product is written in teacher friendly language and will assist you in clarifying and understanding you new student expectations. In addition to the explanation, many standards include pictures and examples.

Click-On TEKS for grades K-8 are available at the Region 13 Store.

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