Master Reading Teacher Certification Program


Education Service Center Region 13 is pleased to offer MRT certification.

  • The MRT course will be for the duration of one school year.  The ESC Region 13 course will begin April 13, 2017 and continue through May, 2018.
  • Course includes 200+ hours of course content provided in a blended learning environment of online and face-to-face instruction
  • 160 hours in a field based internship in a school setting in a school approved by TEA in the field of MRT
  • Three observations/site field visits by an ESC MRT supervisor totaling 135 minutes

House Bill 2307 in 1999 created the Master Reading Teacher Grant Program intending to increase the reading ability of Texas school children, particularly those in high needs campuses.  Schools, especially those on the designated list, are encouraged to select teachers for training in the MRT Program. Additionally, schools desiring a reading coach will benefit from the program.

Definition: A Master Reading Teacher is an individual who holds a Master Reading Teacher Certificate and whose primary duties are to teach reading and to serve as a reading mentor to other teachers.

Eligibility: The Master Reading Teacher Certificate may be obtained in one of two ways:

  • An individual who holds the Reading Specialist Certificate must complete a SBEC approved Master Reading Teacher preparation program.
  • An individual must have a teaching certificate, at least three years of teaching experience, complete an SBEC approved Master Reading Teacher preparation program, and pass the Master Reading Teacher certification exam.

A Master Reading Teacher teaches reading and mentors fellow teachers for the amount of time and in the manner established by the school district, in conformance with the definitions set forth in the Commissioner’s Rules.

The ESC Region 13 Master Reading Teacher certification training provides a high quality program designed to prepare successful teachers to become Master Reading Teachers.

MRT Certification Program is approved by Texas Education Agency and is subject to any changes mandated by the State Board of Educator Certification as well as other necessary program adjustments.

Note:  All fees, rules and dates / times are subject to change and reflect information available at the time of posting – July, 2016.