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Region 13 Community of Leaders Leadership Symposium



Immerse yourself in learning and connection with school leaders from all roles including teacher leadership, campus administration, district leadership, and more. Together we will discuss key leadership challenges for the wide range of leaders in schools, explore a growth mindset for effective leadership, generate new solutions for 21st-century education, and build the momentum of continuous improvement for total transformation in your school.

This is for leaders who are ready to:

  • Deepen your leadership capacity and boost your confidence
  • Increase your influence and learn new ways to inspire and motivate
  • Discover fresh approaches to common problems
  • Encourage creativity and risk taking for inspired results
  • Expand your professional network and knowledge base
  • Take your vision and your leadership to the next level
  • Renew your purpose and mission

Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely – Join the Community of Leaders and find your tribe!


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