Family & Parent Involvement

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that parent involvement in children's academic success is a positive aspect of achievement. Parent involvement is important at all ages of a student's education and the more actively parents are involved, the more benefits the child receives.

Parent involvement has been included in state and federal law as a major educational issue since the 1980s. As parent involvement programs have evolved and been accepted by school stakeholders, research strongly indicates that one of the most effective forms of parent involvement is when schools engage parents to work directly with children on learning activities.

It does not matter whether the parent involvement engages parents actively at the school or home. Communication with parents must be meaningful, on-going, two-way, and filled with mutual respect.

Region 13 offers support to both parents and schools through special education, training, Title I, technical assistance, and onsite support.

Title I Statewide School Support and Family & Community Engagement Initiative