Teacher Manual and Training Materials

PDAS Teacher Manual Online:

The PDAS teacher manual is now available online. To facilitate navigating the document, the pages are numbered consecutively. You may wish to visit the Table of Contents, page 1, to view the manual's resources. The various forms on the Region 13 website, such as the Observation Summary Form, are non-interactive. You may access interactive forms at the following Region III website

As the Associate Commissioner's letter of June 7, 2005 to the PDAS Trainer Addressed states,

"Each education service center (ESC) PDAS contact person will have two master copies of the materials on DVD and CD formats. These materials may be used for replication and distribution to the trainers within their ESC regional service areas."

The Appraisal Period Timeline is provided for your use as you plan the school calendar year.

Shopping for PDAS Materials

You may find a number of reputable vendors offering PDAS materials in a CD format, in notebook form or a combination of the two. While it is perfectly permissible to purchase such materials, you should ensure their content is current. At a minimum, you should verify the accuracy of the following forms:

  • Observation Summary/Summative Annual Appraisal Form - Revised 2013
  • Teacher Self-Report Form - Revised 2011
  • Scoring Criteria Guide - Revised June 2004
  • Appraisal Framework - Revised June 2004
  • Strength/Impact/Variety/Alignment (SIVA) Chart - Revised June 2004
  • Intervention Plan for Teacher in Need of Assistance - Revised June 2001 (district may design its own format)
  • Observation Scripting/Documentation Form - Revised July 2004 (district may design its own format)

Materials you purchase should match these forms. The above forms can be accessed here.

You can also verify Commissioner's Rules addressing the new appraisal option at the following web site:


Training Materials:

These materials are also available from your education service center.

NOTE: PDAS requires that new teachers and teachers new to a district receive an orientation. Accessing these materials online is not intended as a substitute for an actual teacher orientation.