Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS)

TAIS Overview


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released a research-based framework for continuous district and school improvement. This framework will direct the development of both district and campus improvement plans. Additionally, this unified system of intervention provides a common language and process for addressing the school improvement challenge.  The long-term goal is a unified state and federal accountability system that avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Please see our District Level Supports (coming soon) and Critical Success Factors pages for more information regarding ESC aligned services and supports.

District Commitments: operational flexibility, clear vision and focus, sense of urgency, high expectations, district-wide ownership and accountability
District Support Systems: organizational structure, processes/procedures, communications, capacity and resources
Critical Success Factors: academic performance, use of quality data to drive instruction, leadership effectiveness, increased learning time, family/community engagement, school climate, teacher quality
Outcomes: accelerated achievement sustainability, system transformation, continuous improvement

For more information regarding the Texas Accountability Intervention System, visit www.taisresources.net.