Explicit Instruction

explicit instruction

Explicit Instruction is a research-driven series of workshops all about helping you create active, orderly, and engaging classrooms. We've read through Anita Archer and Charles Hughes' Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching,and developed a series of workshops that empower teachers and instructors to deliver brilliant and engaging lessons. We split our Explicit Instruction workshops into three areas:


Upcoming Explicit Instruction Classes

Lesson Design
Explicit Assessment that Supports Classroom Management

In this workshop you'll discover strategies, skills, tools, and more for implementing well-designed, deliberate, distributed, and cumulative practice. We'll show you how to assess student learning through careful monitoring of your students' responses, followed by how to use corrective and affirmative feedback to maintain orderly and positive classrooms.

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Active Participation
Lesson Design that Promotes Classroom Management

Come learn the foundation of Explicit Instruction as we focus on teaching you to design organized lessons, which are focused on strategies, skills, pacing, and content. We also teach you some great stuff about how you can effectively organize your classrooms to promote learning but keep things orderly and positive.

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Explicit Assessment
Active Participation that Improves Classroom Management

This class is about the "art of teaching" where you'll discover how to explicitly chose and teach vocabulary through a scaffolding lens. Scaffolding is all about learning, practicing, and implementing. We ease you into instruction and then, teach you how to ease your own students into your lessons while maintaining your pace and students' focus.

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