Workshops - Strategic Intruction

In this interactive session, participants will analyze the TEKS to identify crucial Standards all students must learn. They will also generate course and unit level questions, classify significant concepts, and construct formative assessments or tasks to evaluate student learning. Participants will create a graphic organizer known as the Strategic Instruction Model Course Organizer during the planning process as a course or class curriculum road map for use with students.

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In this session, you'll learn how to create interactive notebooks using foldables. You'll learn how to increase note-taking, organization, and creativity in your students while improving their immersion!

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Chances are you're already pretty great at planning units, but in this workshop we'll show you how, using the unit organizer you can design lessons that are engaging, interactive, and help your students retain information.

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Possible Selves: Nurturing Student Motivation.

A one-day workshop helping to nurture your students motivation and engagement by finding out what matters to them!

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