Workshops - Strategic Intruction

Strategic Instruction Workshops

We offer workshops that help teachers and educators in their instruction and leadership. We tackle organization, reading, writing, vocabulary, classroom management, lesson planning, and so much more.


Applying Behavior Supports with Explicit Instruction

Our brand new workshop series where we partner with our team members on the behavior team to bring explicit instruction and behavior together. We tackle both issues to make your classroom life easier and more efficient.

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Jumpstarting Your Classroom: The First 20 Days

In this workshop we'll give you a concrete plan for setting up a collaborative, communicative, and friendly classroom within the first 20 days of school. You'll learn how to get your students talking, discussing, collaborating, and cooperating in a healthy, academic, and efficient way.

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Weaving Academic Conversations into Instruction

You'll learn how to weave academic conversations in your instruction. Academic conversations are ones that focus on elaborating, clarifying, supporting ideas with evidence, challenging and building on ideas, paraphrasing, and synthesizing information. The end result is a classroom full of conversations that improve retention and understanding.

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