Constitution Day

Region 13 Celebrates Constitution Day

September 17th

"Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution." (Public Law 108-477b)

Resources K-12
Elementary Activities
Secondary Activities
Multimedia Resources (including power point presentations)

Resources K-12

National Constitution Center
This site focuses on the U.S. Constitution. Click on Educational Resources and it will provide curriculum resources and interactive games like "Save the Bill of Rights" which teachers could conduct as a class activity.

Source: National Constitution Center
Grade: K - 12

K-12 We The People Constitution Day Lessons

To comply with Constitution Day, the Center for Civic Education has developed lessons for K-12 students. Each contain multiple ideas for discussion topics, exercises, questions, and activities, as well as short background readings. The lessons were adapted from the Center's We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution text and Foundations of Democracy curriculum.

Source: Center for Civic Education
Grade: All Grades

K-12 Texas Law Related Education

This site offers a vast amount of information about state and national law and it has wide variety of lesson plans. The lesson plans for September will deal with the U.S. Constitution. If you click Student Outreach, there are many activities and games regarding the U.S. Constitution that can be played individually or as an entire class.

  • Constitution Quiz
  • Preamble Scramble
  • Federalist/Anti-Federalist
  • Branches of the Federal Government
  • Constitutional Relay

Source: Texas Law Related Education
Grade: K - 12

K-12 National Archives

Celebrate Constitution Day Web Site

Charters of Freedom

Source: National Archives
Grade: K - 12

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Elementary Activities

Make Sense of the Preamble (Web Activity)
Interactive webpage that allows students to identify the the meaning of each phrase and the benefits it proposes to American citizens. After completing each web, the student can print to a one page chart!

Source: National Council on Economic Education
Grade: All Grades

What is the Constitution?

The student will compare the U.S. Constitution to rules and laws in their own life.
Word Document or Adobe PDF

Source: ESC Region 13
Grade: K-3

Ben's Guide to US Government For Kids

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government For Kids- Games and Activities Including:
- Ben's Lost                       - Connect the Dots
- Coloring With Ben            - Match the Symbols

We the People: The Constitution of the United States of America by Peter Spier Author provides overview of Constitutional Convention and ratification, then uses illustrations to make each phrase in the preamble come alive for children.

We The Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by David Catrow Author uses the colorful illustrations to explain the big concepts and big ideas of the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

Source: Ben's Guide to US Government For Kids
Grade: K-3

Applying the Bill of Rights

Students will be presented with case studies involving the Bill of Rights. They will then determine which amendment applies to each case.

Source: Law-Related Education
Grade: 3-5+

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids

Benjamin Franklin takes you through this site. If you click on About Ben, Mr. Franklin will give you a introduction of himself and when you click on the grade level in the kite, information will be given about the United States' local and national government, activities, games, and web sites for that grade level.

Source: U.S. Government Printing Office
Grade: K - 12

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Secondary Activities

Constitutional Rights Foundation
This site is pleased to present a series of free online lessons, resources from the CRF catalog, and Internet links to help educators design their own Constitution Day program.

Excellent lessons that connect World History/ World Geography with the U.S. Constitution! "The Constitution and Governance" lesson looks at South Africa.

Source: Constitutional Rights Foundation
Grade: 6 - 12

The Constitution in a New Nation

Students will analyze how the U.S. Constitution reflects the principles of government. Also, under "Multimedia Resources" there is a "Principles of the Constitution" power point.

Constitution Day Principles PDF

Source: Alief ISD 
Grade: 6-12

Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Foldable

Foldable Instructions and Student Handout

Source: Region 13
Grade: 6-12

The Constitution Webquest

The Constitution Webquest Students will research the branches of government and participate in a simulation on the computer to decide the powers assigned to each branch. This lesson may done individually or by groups.

Source: Rick Selby Marston M.S. San Diego City Schools
Grade: 8-12

Primary Sources and the U.S. Constitution

Attached are several letters from the Gilder-Lehrman Institute concerning the writing of the U.S. Constitution. Use the attached Written Document Analysis Worksheet from the National Archives to have your students analyze a few or all of the documents listed.

Written Document Analysis Worksheet

From J. Adams - A plan for the new government

Source: National Archives and The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History
Grade: 8-12

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

This site list documents in their entirety from the 18th century through present times that have influenced the U.S. Constitution.

Source: Yale Law School
Grade: 8 - 12

Rediscovering George Washington

This site provides information about the life of George Washington but it also provides lesson plans concerning the George Washington and Constitution for grades 8-12. These lesson are aligned to the TEKS.

Source: PBS
Grade: 8 - 12

Multimedia Resources

Constitution Day! Power point for Elementary
A short power point presentation about the history of the U.S. Constitution.
Powerpoint or Adobe PDF

Source: ESC Region 13
Grade: All Grades