Transition and Employment Guide

The Transition and Employment Guide was required by HB 617 from the 83rd Texas Legislature and developed by TEA with a team of stakeholders from across the state.

The Texas Transition & Employment Guide includes

  • Sections on Self Advocacy, Transition Services, Employment and Supported Employment, Social Security Programs, Community and Long Term Services and Supports, Postsecondary Educational Programs and Services, Information Sharing, and Guardianship and Alternatives
  • Phone numbers, emails, and websites to help you find what you need
  • Timeline of steps that students and families can take as they make the transition from student to adult

Use the links below to access an electronic copy of this guide.

To find contact information for a district or charter school in Texas, access the list of Transition and Employment Services Designees posted to the Legal Framework website (Region 18).

If you are the Transition & Employment Services Designee for your district, check out the TED Tips blog series on the What’s So Special blog.



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