About Region 13

Region 13 will positively affect the future by leading educational innovation

Education Service Center Region 13 is one of twenty service centers that serve the Texas' educational needs. We are a non-regulatory agency; our relationship with school districts is collaborative and supportive. Our purpose is to aid teachers and administrators in their role as educators of our children. We serve as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the local school districts and the schools they serve by disseminating information, conducting training and consultation for both federal and state programs.

Our staff is composed of knowledgeable educators dedicated to excellence in education. You can view the list of our staff members here.

Although we provide services and tools nationwide, our assigned regional area encompasses:


Region 13 will positively affect the future by leading educational innovation.


To foster collaborative leadership and provide quality products and services that ensure student success and operational efficiency.


The regional service centers are public institutions created and authorized by the Texas Legislature. In 1965, the Legislature authorized the State Board of Education to establish regional media centers by 1967. That same year, the U. S. Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to provide funds for supplementary educational centers.

Texas is divided into twenty regions with each region having its own education service center. Region 13 Education Service Center was established in August 1967. Region 13 opened with a staff of three and now has more than 190 people. We continue to grow to accommodate challenges and needs in the education field.

The first executive director was Dr. Joe Parks who served in that capacity from 1967 - 1992.

Region 13 Leaders

Rich Elsasser

Executive Director

Millie Klein

Chief Deputy Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives

Craig Spinn

Deputy Executive Director, Administrative Services

Jesse Lopez

Deputy Executive Director, Academic Services

Board of Directors

What We Do

As an Education Service Center, we collaborate with our schools and communities to promote quality instruction in order to maximize student performance. Our goal is to achieve a high standard of excellence through leadership, responsiveness to client (district or school) needs, and quality products that improve student performance.

Supported by state and federal funds, as well as by fees assessed for services & tools, Region 13 provides professional development in areas such as technology, bilingual education, special education, gifted and talented education, and programs for at-risk students. We offer consultation and support in the areas listed above as well as school improvement, special services. In addition, we have developed and have available alternative teacher, principal and superintendent certification programs.

Professional Development

With our professional development, educators learn real-world strategies and practical classroom-proven techniques through our face to face workshops, consulting services, in-depth certification programs and on-line learning program.

  • Face to Face Professional Development
    The Region 13 team of outstanding educational resources understands the connection between research and the application of that research in your classrooms. We know your goal is to improve the achievement level of all students and we can help you do just that with our face to face professional development. Visit eCampus, our online catalog of professional development offerings.
  • Online Professional Development
    The Region 13 team has also created online courses that are aligned with what Texas Educators are looking for. You can access Region 13's online courses using any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Your 24/7 access allows you to download assignments, read and contribute to class discussions, review feedback, and more. All of this flexibility -without compromising quality- will help keep you on track toward your goals.

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Training and Technology Center Room Map

Rest assured you'll know where your workshop or meeting is by referring to our room maps. Meeting rooms are located on the first and third floors of the Training and Technology Center. 

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