Academic Services



Dr. Jesse Lopez III

Deputy Executive Director
Academic Services

Federal and Special Programs: Shirley Sanford, Director 512.919.5375

Career and Technical Education: ESC 13 Contact: Miya Brevard, Coordinator 512.919.5204

  • "Career and Technical Education" (CTE) is an educational program for middle school and high school students. 

Child Nutrition: ESC 13 Contact: Beverly Shaw, Program Manager 512.919.5394

  • Our team is dedicated to providing professional development, resources, on-site visits, and technical assistance which promotes continuous improvements of Child Nutrition Programs to positively impact students' health and achievement.

Migrant: ESC13 Contact: Sigi Huerta, Program Manager 512.919.5324

  • The Migrant Education Program provides staff development and technical assistance to Region 13 Migrant Project Districts, identifies and recruits migrant students in all non-project districts and identifies and recruits all migrant Out of School Youths in al Region 13 districts.

Behavior: ESC 13 Contact: Angela Isenberg, Program Manager 512.919.5328

  • Work with campuses and districts providing systems support for behavior through Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, Restorative Discipline, Social Emotional Learning, and Response to Interventions.

Dyslexia TeamESC 13 Contact: Judy Butler, Education Specialist 512.919.5168

  • The Dyslexia team supports school districts through technical assistance and professional development for ELL assessments and prescriptive reading interventions for bilingual students including Esperanza and WELLS-WOW and training in data collection and interpretation. 

Homeless Education Program: ESC 13 Contact: Cheryl Myers, Education Specialist 512.919.5462

  • The Homeless Education Program goals are to encourage and support the identification, enrollment, and academic success of children and youth without homes.

Strategic Instruction: ESC 13 Contact: Mary Black, Program Manager 512.919.5438

  • Strategic Instruction Team empowers teachers with explicit and engaging tools resulting in rigorous learning for all students.

21st Century Community Learning Centers: ESC 13 Contact: Willa Rosen, Program Manager 512.919.5326

  • The 21st Century Community Learning Centers program provided high quality out of school time programs to eleven designated schools in Central Texas.

At Risk Support Services: ESC 13 Contact: Willa Rosen, Program Manager 512.919.5236

  • At-Risk Services provides training and technical assistance to schools in Region 13 related to the situations and events that result in students being classified as at-risk.

Parent Involvement: ESC 13 Contact: Willa Rosen, Program Manager 512.919.5326

  • Parent Involvement services in Student Support Services provides training, compliance, and technical assistance related to Title One parent involvement requirements, and parent involvement with Migrant and Homeless families.

Response to Interventions (RtI): ESC 13 Contact: Janice Burch, Education Specialist 512.919.5152

  • Response to Intervention (RtI) is a framework that addresses the needs of all students through a continuum of services which provide: high-quality instruction and tiered intervention strategies aligned with individual student need; frequent monitoring of progress to make results-based academic or behavioral decisions; and the application of child response data to important educational decisions.

Crisis Response and Recovery: ESC 13 Contact: Willa Rosen, Program Manager 512.919.5326

  • This team is responsible for the development of a post-vention guide for schools addressing the sudden death of a student or faculty member. Onsite counseling support will be available for districts who experience crisis.

School Health: ESC 13 Contact: Cheryl Myers, Education Specialist 512.919.5462

  • School Health Program provides training for state mandated health related screening.

School Safety: ESC 13 Contact: Amy Fanetti, Education Specialist 512.919.5185

  • Members of the school safety team address the full spectrum of school safety needs. Provides safety audits, crisis plans for specific challenging behaviors, training on developing emergency operations, and crisis prevention training.

Mental Health / Substance Abuse: ESC 13 Contact: Willa Rosen, Program Manager 512.919.5326

  • This Team has reviewed statewide data on high incidence mental health and substance abuse issues identified in Texas children and youth.

Post-Secondary Readiness: ESC 13 Contact: Miya Brevard, Coordinator 512.919.5204

  • This Team provides a collection of resources selected to support the learning, planning, and implementation of school programs and strategies required to increase the likelihood that students will be able to connect their postsecondary aspirations to a plan for attaining a postsecondary degree.

Alternative Education: ESC 13 Contact: Albert Felts, Senior Coordinator 512.919.5419

  • The Alternative Education team at Region 13 provides technical assistance and training to DAEP, JJAEP, on-line learning, alternative campuses of choice, and home schooling.

Student Evaluation: ESC 13 Contact: Amy Fanetti, Education Specialist 512.919.5185

  • The student evaluation team provides districts with a wide variety of evaluations services.

Classroom Coaching: ESC 13 Contact: Angela Isenberg, Program Manager 512.919.5328

  • The Region 13 Behavior and Strategic Instruction Team provide whole campus classroom management training with follow-up on-site job embedded coaching support.

Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training: ESC 13 Contact: Robin Reimund, Program Specialist 512-919-5426

  • Provides leadership, training, technical assistance, and the dissemination of information through the 20 region ESC Autism Network.

Assistive Technology and Related Services: ESC 13 Contact: Nichole Kertis Barton, Education Specialist 512.919.5246

  • Provides professional development and technical assistance on best practices in assistive technology and related services. Also provides trial periods with current equipment and software to Region 13 clients through the Assistive Technology Preview Center.

Autism and Low Incidence Disabilities: ESC 13 Contact: Darcy Schiller, Education Specialist 512.919.5224

  • Provides professional development and technical assistance to teachers and administrators working with students with autism or low incidence disabilities.

Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities: ESC 13 Contact: Maryteresa Tracy, Education Specialist 512.919.5181

  • Provides professional development and technical assistance to teachers and administrators in early childhood setting working with three to five year olds with disabilities

Progress in the General Curriculum: ESC 13 Contact: Kim West, Education Specialist 512.919.5314

  • Provides professional development and technical assistance to teachers and administrators to promote students with disabilities making academic progress in the least restrictive environment

Speech Language Pathology: ESC 13 Contact: Lisa Rukovena, Education Specialist 512.919.5333

  • Provides professional development and technical assistance in the field of Speech Language Pathology

Charter Compliance, Program Evaluation, Accountability: ESC 13 Contact: Ann Jinkins, Coordinator for Compliance and Sensory Impairment Teams 512.919.5207

Charter Compliance, Funding, and IEP Facilitation: ESC 13 Contact: Linda McDaniel, Specialist for Compliance 512.919.5225

District Compliance, Staffing, Residential and Non-Ed Applications, and SPP: ESC 13 Contact: Lori Merrell, Specialist for Compliance 512.919.5424

Post-school planning for students with disabilities, and graduation options and requirements for students with disabilities: ESC 13 Contact: Elizabeth Danner, Specialist for Compliance 512.919.5182

Legal Framework updates, training and support for evaluation specialists and special education counselors: ESC 13 Contact: Lindy Frazer, Education Specialist 512.919.5177

Instructional support for VI staff, assistive technology for students with VI: ESC 13 Contact: Debra Leff, Specialist for Visually Impaired 512.919.5354

Instructional support for O&Ms, assistive technology for students with VI: ESC 13 Contact: Beverly Jackson, Specialist for Orientation and Mobility 512.919.5331

Provision of consultative services for students with auditory impairments in LEAs (ARD attendance, staff training on equipment/working with AI student/etc) and of evaluations for AI: ESC 13 Contact: Eden Yows, Specialist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Indirect Services 512.919.5160

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Services: ESC 13 Contact: Elaine Young, Program Manager: Regional Day School Program f/t Deaf 512.919.5170

  • Professional development and technical assistance is provided to DHH staff across the region who provide services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing birth through twenty one years old.  Region 13 is the fiscal agent for the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf shared services arrangement for 38 LEAs.  Services are provided at three cluster sites and include direct instruction, interpreter support, and audiological support.
  • The Federal Programs team provides professional development, technical assistance, and support for districts and campuses who receive Title funds and are implementing NCLB programs.

TEKS Resource System: Ann GravesDirector  512.919.5449

The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers (ESCs) in Texas. This shared service agreement, or SSA, allows participating ESCs to share responsibility for the management and operations of the online curriculum management system known as the TEKS Resource System.

The TCMPC reflects the combined effort of the ESCs to help schools improve student performance and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Bilingual/SLAR:  Genifer Billeaud, Content Coordinator – 512.919.5122

Science: Lisa Owens, Content Coordinator  – 512.919.5272

Language Arts: Nicole Hohensee, Content Coordinator  – 512.919.5465

Social Studies: Scott Bush, Content Coordinator  – 512.919.5274

Mathematics: Tamara Ramsey, Content Coordinator – 512.919.5121

Department of Educator Quality- Erica Garza, Coordinator - 512.919.5434

Educator Certification Program: E-mail ECP Office 512.919.5366

  • The Educator Certification Program (ECP) is a teacher preparation and certification program that provides professionals from different fields with an alternative route to initial teacher certification.  ECP also provides professional development necessary for certificate renewal, and training sessions for teachers who want to add to their existing certificates.

Master Reading Teacher Certification:

  • The Master Reading Teacher (MRT) program provides training and support for individuals who wish to increase their skills as a reading teacher or serve as a reading mentor for other teachers and also earn Master Reading Teacher certification.

Paraprofessional Certification:

  • Paraprofessional Training- 3 day training for individuals who wish to meet the Highly Qualified requirement for paraprofessionals who teach in Title I schools.

Wilson Reading Systems:

  • Specialized training for teachers or other individuals working with students with Dyslexia.  Training leads to Wilson Reading System Certification.

Curriculum and Instruction: ESC 13 Contacts: Stacey Durham, Coordinator 512.919.5163

Instructional Coaching Programs & Services (ICPS): ESC 13 Contact: Stacey Durham, Coordinator 512.919.5163

  • The Region 13 Instructional Coaching Programs & Services Team is structured around the philosophy of Cognitive Coaching and building teacher capacity to meet and exceed student achievement goals. Instructional Coaches provide on-site professional development and work alongside educators in using research-based instructional methods and strategies.

Instructional Coaching Pathways (ICP): ESC 13 Contact: Stacey Durham, Coordinator 512.919.5163

  • Led by the Region 13 Instructional Coaching Staff, Instructional Coaching Pathways (ICP) is a series of network meetings for district and/or campus Instructional Coaches.  Divided into three strands, Hot Topics, Coaching Teams and Network, these trainings address the daily demands that Instructional Coaches face on campuses.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC): ESC 13 Contact: Angela Buckingham, Program Manager 512.919.5137

  • Through PLC Coaching, we are able to provide real-time, job-embedded learning to collaborative teams and provide teachers with the opportunity to maximize the potential of their greatest resource—each other.

Maker 13: MakerHappen (MakerHappen): ESC 13 Contact: Trish Durr, Instructional Coach 512.919.5137

  • MakerHappen is a Makerspace designed to teach teachers how to create their own Makerspace.  It has the philosophy that any teacher, no matter the budget, can MAKE IT HAPPEN in their classroom.

Literacy: ESC 13 Contact: Stacey DurhamCoordinator: Curriculum and Instruction,  512.919.5163

  • Our goal is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and practices of language arts teachers through professional development.  The information on this site is designed to provide educators and administrators with resources for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Early Childhood Team: ESC 13 Contact: Erika Pozo, Education Specialist: School Ready 512.919.5478

  • The Early Childhood Team at Regio 13 ESC provides training, technical assistance, and resources to districts, Head Start oganizations, and childcare centers to build high quality early childhood programs that develop school ready students.

Elementary Team ESC 13 Contact: Stacey Durham, Coordinator: Curriculum and Instruction 512.919.5163

  • As partners in education, the Region 13 Elementary team exists to meet the unique needs of elementary educators. We believe that we can make a profound impact on quality instruction by speaking the same language, reinforcing congruent strategies, identifying points of intersection, and honoring teachers and their work. 

Mathematics: ESC 13 Contact: Tanya Vacula, Education Specialist 512.919.5231

  • We are here to support teachers and their school districts as they strive to provide high quality math instruction for all students.

Science: ESC 13 Contact, Vejheh Tavakoli, Education Specialist: Instructional Coach (Secondary Science) 512.919.5187

  • The science team at Region 13 supports success for all students through teacher and administrator education and collaboration.

Bilingual/ESL Team: ESC 13 Contact: Elizet Moret, Coordinator: Curriculum and Instruction  512.919.5116

  •  Our mission is to support districts and charter schools in their efforts to ensure that all ELLs acquire a second language at a level that enables them to be successful in life and in school.


TEKS Resource System Local, STEM, TExGuides, Advanced Academics: ESC 13 Contact Grant Kessler, Coordinator: Curriculum and Instruction 512.919.5358


  • Transformation Central Texas STEM Center strives to improve student achievement outcomes in math and science as determined by state and national standards for all students.
  • STEM and PBL

Advanced Academics: ESC 13 Contact: Kay Oliver  Education Specialist, 512.919.5169

  • Advanced Academics and Special Projects programs are grant-funded and support the areas of gifted/talented, literacy, English Language Learners, mathematics, and college and career readiness.