IEP Tools

  • IEP Best Practice: An e-Learning Course Workshop ID #SP1518112
    • This seven module course has been designed to provide you with the appropriate tools and skills to create a balanced, data-driven, practical, and ultimately a student-focused Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) Annual Goal Development - Revised 2017
    • This question and answer document is intended to serve as a resource to provide current information about developing IEP goals in order to ensure the applicable requirements of IDEA 2004 and the ESSA are accurately understood and properly implemented (p.5).
    • It is divided into three parts for ease of use. Section One: Measurable Annual Goals, Section Two: Academic/Standards-Based Goals and Section 3: Functional Goals.
  • Closing the Gap with Specially Designed Instruction: e-Learning Course Workshop ID # FA1430409
    • This E-Learning Course will help educators develop instructional plans that focus on closing the gap for students with special education eligibility. This three modules course will cover identifying the appropriate date sources, using vertical alignment documents, and accessing resources to enable the teacher to deliver specially designed instruction to address identified needs.