Considering AT

assistive tech | no tech -> low tech -> high tech | technology for learning

Assistive Technology
must be considered at every annual ARD (34 CFR §300,346(a)(2)(v)).

assistive technology decision making process | consider -> trial -> implement

The process of choosing and implementing assistive technology requires more than consideration. You must also test your conclusions to make certain they are sound. Once you have made determinations about assistive technology, you need to make certain those solutions are implemented.

Check out the Documenting Assistive Technology in the IEP (Chapter 15) of the  Assessing Student Needs for Assistive Technology Manual on the WATI website.



chart - few AT in IEP for 1 student's individual needs: tier 3 - some: technology as targeted interventions and accommodations : tier 2 , all : classroom or campus technology available to all. supports differentiation and universal design for learning : tier 1