Classroom Management Coaching

Classroom management can be frustrating and exhausting all at once. Sometimes you can feel like you're stranded and alone.  We're helping you out by bringing our classroom management coaches to your classrooms. Our coaches work hand-in-hand with you, or your teachers, in a non-evaluative way to figure out what's working in the classroom and what's not. We observe your classroom, give feedback, and give you strategies and tips to help you along your journey. By observing the structure of the classroom, how things are taught, how students are behaving, teacher/ student interactions, and more, we are able to identify strategies that are working well and areas for growth.  The whole process is custom crafted to your classroom. We work with what you're already doing because, after all, you're the expert.



Our Process


Step One

Our coach visits your campus and meets one-on-one with up to eight teachers. We talk through any issues they might be having, what is already working, and what they would like to improve.

Step Two

Our coach uses the STOIC model to make classroom observations. We observe the structure of the classroom, how things are taught, how students are behaving, how the teacher and students interact with each other, and how the teacher corrects student behavior.

Step Three

After the observation, our coach meets with the teacher to discuss and debrief.  We talk about what worked, what could work better, and we build a custom plan of strategies, skills, routines, and best practices to learn throughout the next seven visits of observation and coaching.



Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching involves the campus creating a 20 minute recording of the classroom, sending the video to our staff, scheduling a time to virtually debrief, and Region 13 staff providing follow-up plan of action.


Staff Development Options on Your Campus

If you are looking to train a team, grade level, or your whole staff, consider bringing one of our experts out to your campus instead of sending multiple people to a training at the service center.  You would be able to select the date, time, and topics to meet your needs.  Here are some of the options we offer but contact us for a customized staff development plan.

  • CHAMPs Coaching Classroom Management
  • Tough Kid Toolbox
  • Best Practices in Classroom Management
  • Coaching Classroom Management
  • Dealing with Difficult Students
  • Cycle of Escalation and How to Respond
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Prepare Training
  • Restorative Practices
  • Building Relationships through Circles
  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Campus
  • PBIS


Bring a Behavior Specialist to your classroom

For more information about our on-site coaching and staff development options, contact Janice Burch.

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