Continuum of Behavior Services

IDEA states that each public agency must ensure that a continuum of alternative placements is available to meet the needs of children with disabilities for special education and related services. Region 13 offers support for the continuum of behavior services in a district, charter, or campus. Our services focus on systems to support a student in the general education environment as well as in inclusion settings or in a more restrictive structured learning environment. Our programs focus on developing a student's skills in order for them to be successful in the classroom.


Behavior Specialist Cooperative

The Behavior Specialist Cooperative is designed to provide highly qualified specialists to districts and campuses to support their needs relating to behavior issues. ESC Region 13 will provide cooperative members with support for general education as well as special education needs. Membership in the cooperative provides districts with the opportunity to contract the services of behavior specialists in order to avoid having to incur the cost of a full-time specialist position or to provide additional support to a specialist position.

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Prepare Behavior Inclusion Program

Our model of inclusion hinges on students developing prosocial competencies in a proactive, structured, classroom environment. We’ll teach the four distinct program components: curriculum, data collection and analysis, staff training, and onsite coaching and assistance. Your students will have one dedicated class per day to target behaviors that limit their success. We’ll spend two days teaching you, and then follow that up with 10 days of onsite coaching and support per year. 

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Structured Learning Environment (SLE)

A Structured Learning Environment is a self-contained behavior unit for students who are not successful in other settings.  Our model hinges on students developing prosocial competencies in a proactive, structured, classroom environment.  The ultimate goal is for these students to return to a less restrictive environment.  SLE staff will use the Prepare Curriculum to intensively teach, model, practice, and reinforce the prosocial skills these students need in order to be successful in the school environment and beyond.  Teams will create entrance and exit criteria, learn how to develop a daily schedule, provide structure and organization, outline rules and expectations, monitor positive reinforcement and provide corrective consequences.  Teams will receive 3 days of training on the SLE model and Prepare curriculum.  They will also receive 7 onsite coaching visits as they create criteria, teach and support students in the program, and make data-based decisions on  student progress.

For more information, email Janice Burtch

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