Licensed Specialists in School Psychology 

Our Behavior team is working with schools and districts to bring them LSSPs services. We have two LSSPs on staff, locally available for contract services. Our LSSPs conduct evaluations and reevaluations to determine continued and potential eligibility for special education services, academic and behavior intervention planning, and counseling as a related service. We assess for disabilities under IDEA's 13 categories, with the exception of Visual Impairment including blindness, hearing impairment, deafness, deaf-blindness, and speech or language impairment. Our evaluation measures include cognitive assessment, academic achievement, behavioral assessment (ADHD, executive functioning, Autism, and other psychological disorders), adaptive abilities, records review, parent and teacher interviewing, and direct observations.

What's in our contract services.

Embedded within our contract services, we offer full evaluations and hourly testing services. When we accept a full evaluation, we directly communicate with all stakeholders to access medical and school records, set up interviews, observations, and testing sessions. We conduct and write evaluations within 45 school days and provide copies of evaluations to district contracts and parents by the end of the 45th day. We review evaluation results with parents, in person or by phone, prior to the eligibility determination meeting. We also attend eligibility determination meetings to review results and recommendations with the IEP team. We are happy to write evaluations in a format suitable to your district, whether it be embedded in a formal program or as a separate word document.

For our hourly services, we provide testing support, such as administering and scoring assessments, direct observations and data collection to help alleviate the pressure of districts' assessment staff and assist them in meeting timelines.

Additional Services

We also conduct thorough functional behavioral assessments (FBA) and behavior intervention plans (BIP) for students with behavioral concerns. Our services range from simply completing an FBA and BIP, to attending meetings and explicitly training staff on the behavior intervention plan. In addition, we offer individual behavior consultation, Region 13 trainings, webinars, and staff in-services. We specialize in a range of topics, such as research based behavior intervention, working with students with psychological disorders, data collection, manifestation determination, social emotional learning, and understanding cognitive strengths and weaknesses. We provide supervision services for LSSP trainees and interns. Our supervision assistance includes a minimum of weekly in-person one-on-one support, access to Region 13 test materials and resources, and regular access to the supervisor in person or via email, telephone, and text.


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