Our specialists create resources that are custom created to make dealing with behavior easier and more efficient.


  • Engagement Activities Ebook

    Behavior Check-In Activity

  • CompassOfShame

    Compass of Shame

  • Restorative Discipline: Facilitator Training Flyer

    Restorative Discipline Facilitator Training Flyer

  • Academic Conversations Sentence Starters

    Structured Learning Environment Flyer

  • Academic Conversations Sentence Starters

    Prepare Behavior Program Flyer

Safe and Civil Schools

The goal of Safe and Civil Schools is to help educators create positive and proactive behavior management techniques that are tailored to each classroom, school, and district. We provide training and support to educators seeking to foster respect and responsibility in their students. We offer positive behavior support strategies through training, consultation, books, DVDs and videos.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

The Center has been established by the Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education to give schools capacity-building information and technical assistance for identifying, adapting, and sustaining effective school-wide disciplinary practices.

Intervention Central

Intervention Central offers free tools and resources to help school staff and parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and youth. The site was created by Jim Wright, a school psychologist and school administrator from Central New York. Visit to check out newly posted academic and behavioral intervention strategies, download publications on effective teaching practices, and use tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention.


Region 13 Behavior Blog.

Sharing monthly posts about behavior.

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Satori Learning Designs

Satori Learning Designs is committed to developing, producing, and delivering the highest quality interactive learning available. We strive to understand and meet the needs of our clients with practical methods that increase their personal and professional effectiveness. We live by the principles we advocate.

Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)

Established in 2001 in response to Senate Bill 1196, the Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) is designed to build capacity in Texas schools for the provision of positive behavioral intervention and support (PBIS) to all students. The goal of PBIS is to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all students, especially students with challenging behaviors, by adopting a sustained, positive, preventative instructional approach to schoolwide discipline and behavior management.