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We've designed a behavior staff support network to provide you with updated information and training related to your staff's unique needs. We work with students requiring Tier 3 services by providing help, and expanding the professional repertoires of, Special Education Teachers, Behavior Specialists, Paraprofessionals, LSSPs and staff throughout the year.

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We've designed a support services cooperative that provides districts and campuses with highly qualified specialists to support any and all needs you might have relating to behavior issues. Our cooperative supports districts and campuses with general education and special education needs, and can be used by districts as an avenue to contract the help of behavior specialists without hiring a full-time specialist on your own.

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School district safety and security audits are required by TEC 37.108 and must be completed during the three year school district safety and security audit cycle, which began on September 1st 2014 and ends on August 31, 2017.

Our team knows the ins and outs of safety audits and can help your district conduct its required audit. We focus on all parts of school safety and security, as well as best practices in emergency management. The audit includes a walk-through of the campus, assessment of the building interior and exterior, and an assessment of the overall climate of the school. We include observation and recommendations in our final audit report.

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We bring our classroom management coaches to your classrooms. Our coaches work hand-in-hand with you or your teachers in a non-evaluative way to figure out what's working in the classroom and what's not. We observe your classroom, give feedback, and give you a bunch of strategies and tips to help you along your journey.

The first step in our coaching classroom management journey is to send one of our coaches to your classroom to observe what's going on. We meet with your teacher, learn about the issues, and then use the STOIC system to make observations and recommendations.

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