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Student Folder Example (Click the images for larger view)

Image 1:

Yellow folders are used to maintain documentation for ELLs inside the student’s permanent record folder.

yellow folders        

Image 2:

Individual Student Profile Sheet – Quick reference about the student’s history in the district

student profile sheet

Image 3:

Left side:  Student History Worksheet – Required by TEA to track schooling history of student
Right side:  Home Language Survey – Retain original HLS

student history worksheet and home language survey

Image 4:

Close up view of Student History Worksheet

student history sheet

Image 5:

Close up view of HLS

close up view of HLS

Image 6:

Folder tabs – The folder is divided into sections for easy access to paperwork

folder tabs

Image 7:

LPAC Initial Enrollment Form – this includes information such as initial testing dates and results; LPAC recommendations, signatures, etc.

LPAC inital enrollment form

Image 8:

Parent Approval Letter for program placement (Spanish version)

parent approval letter

Image 9:

Parent signature page of parent approval letter

signature page of parent approval letter

Image 10:

This section of the folder is for the parent notification letter of student progress and/or exiting from the program.

folder section for parent notification leter of student progress

Image 11:

Initial testing documentation

inital testing documentation

Image 12:

Section for students who have exited and are being monitored for two years

section for student who have exited

Image 13:

State and Federal test results and writing samples

state and federal test results and writing samples        fed and state writing samples