Personal Graduation Plan/Programs of Study Alignment

House Bill 5 requires each student to connect to a personal graduation plan that leads to an endorsement. This process requires a district to consider the importance in using programs of study and the personal graduation plan, collaboratively, to satisfy current and prior legislation. The program of study is an advisement tool for students, parents and counselors. It is a map for college and career readiness aligned to an occupational objective. A program of study is considered the intensive education plan, as required. Programs of study work best when they are developed by stakeholders to ensure relevant and accurate information.

The personal graduation plan is a working document used by counselors to track student completion of graduation requirements. It is a tool used to document grades, assessments, acceleration, and other requirements in law. The personal graduation plan is an opportunity for students and counselors to meet individual needs. 

The use of the program of study and personal graduation plan is necessary to ensure desired outcomes for college and career readiness.

(To Print: Select "Enable Content." For best results, print each alignment sheet as a two-sided document. The Personal Graduation Plan document contains drop-down menus which are compatible with Excel 2010. The drop-down menus are not compatible on Mac systems.")

STEM Endorsement


Public Service Endorsement

Education & Training

Government & Public Administration

Health Science

Human Services

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Business & Industry Endorsement

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts, AV Technology & Communication

Business Management & Administration


Hospitality & Tourism

Information Technology



Transportation, Distributing & Logistics

Arts & Humanities Endorsement

Arts, AV Technology & Communications

Multidisciplinary Endorsement

Courses from the curriculum of each endorsement are and/or earned credits in a variety of advanced courses from multiple content areas sufficient to complete the distinguished level of achievement under the foundation high school program.

Industry Recognized Credential or Certification (pdf)