How do you Think

Key Cognitive Strategies

A strategy is different than a skill. A strategy is deliberate, something a student is consciously aware they are employing. So, what is the difference between a strategy and a cognitive strategy? A strategy is a systematic approach or plan to achieving an objective. A strategy is an elaborate plan of action with choice among alternative approaches. For the objective to be achieved successfully, students must anticipate & address potential problems. A cognitive strategy is a systematic approach to achieve key learning goals that take into account the rules and methods of the academic disciplines that are necessary to achieving the goals. Cognitive strategies can be organized as follows: problem formulation, research, interpretation, and communication while ensuring precision and accuracy during the entire process.

The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC)

The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) is a nonprofit research center founded in 2002 by Dr. David Conley. This center seeks to improve educational policy and practices in ways that lead to more productive education results for all students.


  • “Bread is dangerous”
    This website is a resource to demonstrate how apparently reasonable statements can in fact be nonsense, or “How to Lie with Statistics.” In the following example, faulty logic claims that "Bread is Dangerous", it says, “The baked mix of flour and water has been found to be consumed by more than 97% of convicted criminals, with more than 90% of crimes committed within 24 hours of consuming it.”


Problem Formulation