Services - Career and Technical Education


The Region 13 Career and Technical Education Specialist will provide onsite technical evaluation of the district’s CTE programs including Guidance and Counseling. The CTE State Plan and Full Compliance Review template will guide the evaluation. The review will include teaching effectiveness of CTE instructional staff. A full report of findings including a strategic plan for improvement will be developed for the district.

Cost of service: $2,800 for one high school district

CTE Guidance & Counseling Services

Development of a comprehensive college/career process to include a systematic approach to delivery of career assessments, college and career research, portfolio management, four year plan development all in one software program. In addition, Region 13 will deliver student seminars to develop campus leaders to implement a peer-to-peer assistance program for college/career planning and management. Recommendations of hard copy materials will add to the utilization of an informative, useful, accessible college/career center for all students.

Cost of service: $1,600 per campus site

Individual CTE Program Evaluation

Each year, every CTE program is mandated to perform an evaluation of program effectiveness. Region 13 will guide your CTE program with a self evaluation instrument as well as access to a data collection/online survey for parents and students involved in specific CTE programs. Data will be collected and provided to the district to use for effective decision-making.

Cost of service: $500 per program area

Development of District CTE Strategic Plan

This service is a mini Inclusive District CTE Review with classroom observations and interviews followed by the development of a one-year Strategic Plan that the district may use to move their CTE programs forward. Consultation on implementation of the strategic plan is available.

Cost of service: $750

Career Cluster – Development of Pathways and Coherent Sequences

Texas will align with the USDOE 16 Career Clusters. Is your district ready for this transition and how it will affect your pathways and coherent sequences already developed? Region 13 will help align your pathways and sequences to the USDOE Career Clusters and provide assistance to develop new, innovative, coherent sequences for your students.

Cost of service: $1,600

Additional Services:

Professional Development

Continuous professional development will be provided. Please browse the E-Campus catalog for workshops.

CTE Partnership Development

Use our service to coordinate partnerships for Dual Credit and Business/Industry Advisory Committees. Region 13 can help you organize and develop an effective Advisory Committee to build a quality program.

Administrative Leadership Assistance

Contact our office for all of your CTE questions and concerns. We are experts in the field of Career and Technical Education and we serve our individual client needs. We are always available to you.

CTE Teacher Certification

Region 13 offers an educator certification program for all 7 CTE program areas: Ag, Business, Marketing, Trades & Industrial Education, Family & Consumer Science, Technology Education, and Health Science Technology. Our ECP was recognized by the USDOE as one of the top 6 programs in the nation.

Accountability Measures Assistance

PBMAS holds CTE accountable for TAKS scores. We offer assistance to improve student performance on TAKS and technical assistance for districts involved in any level of PBM Intervention. Region 13 is available for assistance in the Full Compliance Review, Program Effectiveness Reviews, Civil Rights Onsite Reviews, Perkins Application and more.