Distance Learning - Span the globe

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Region 13 provides Interactive Video Conferencing for Professional Development, Student Collaboration, and Daily Classes.

At Region 13, our Distance Learning services help districts make almost limitless connections around the globe to collaborate, connect and create with other classes, experts, and institutions.

Members of our Distance Learning Network benefit in the following ways:

  • Students – collaborate around the globe, take college courses for dual credit, access to advanced courses and take virtual fieldtrips
  • Teachers – attend workshops for continuing education credit and collaborate with peers
  • Administrators – stay current with the latest rules and regulations
  • Everyone – enjoys the cost savings from reduced travel

Within the ESC 13 area of 60+ school districts, charter and private schools, we connect hundreds of local learners to sites around the world. To request access to an event recording see our Recording Request page.

TETN Content from TEA: Please note that unlike past years, starting in the 2019-2020 school year, membership in our DLN is NOT required for district clients to access live updates from TEA via the TETN network. That said, access to recordings of these events plus the wide array of other service our team offers is only available to DLN members.

We offer program planning, collaboration assistance, as well as technical tips and help for our DLN members. Contact us if have any questions or suggestions at distancelearning@esc13.txed.net or call 512.919.5444.

If you would like to receive email updates about upcoming virtual field trips and other distance learning opportunities, subscribe to the Distance Learning Listserv.