Kubi Carts for Kids

Kubi Carts for Kids is a distance learning solution that connects students who are out of school due to a long term illness, injury or other situation to participate in class via interactive video conferencing.

No matter where the student is located, with a robust Internet connection, they can participate in class, school activities and group work. Students will be able to stay connected to their teachers and their peers which helps with maintaining relationships and boosting morale.  Staying connected has both health and academic benefits.

District Benefits
Districts benefit from this service by reducing homebound teacher/tutor costs, receiving potential ADA income in some instances with the use of waivers, and ensuring homebound students receive a quality education. An added benefit is increased community support and recognition for providing innovative technology solutions for students.


Districts who are members of the ESC Region 13 Distance Learning Network are eligible to borrow a Kubi cart during a school year at no cost.

Fees for districts that do not have a current distance learning agreement with ESC 13 include transport, setup and maintenance. The annual fee is $1000 and can be pro-rated by month for shorter time periods.


Kubi Cart Purchase
If you would like to purchase a Kubi (or Kubis) for permanent placement at your district please see the Kubi website for details and more information.


Guidelines & District Requirements
If you are interested in the Kubi Carts for Kids program, please review the ESC 13 Kubi Program Guidelines and District Requirements document.


For more information or to request to borrow a Kubi Cart contact: distancelearning@esc13.txed.net