Efficiency Studies and Services

Through a competitive RFQ process, the ESC Region 13 Board of Directors has selected the following vendors to provide efficiency services to Region 13 school districts and charter schools. Such services include, but are not limited to:

• Development/implementation of a strategic plan
• Development of performance/efficiency measurement systems
• Training of staff to incorporate efficiency measurement into the planning and budget processes
• Product and marketing plans
• Training of staff to analyze efficiency measures
• Analysis of staffing levels throughout the organization
• Analysis of insurance proposals
• Analysis of class loads and student/teacher ratios
• Analysis and training on student scheduling alternatives
• Analysis of departmental and/or campus efficiency
• Analysis and efficiency operations for school support services such as
student transportation, food service, maintenance, and custodial
• Analysis of the use of private sector program delivery versus in-house operations
• Program evaluation including program cost effectiveness
• Development/implementation of a technology plan
• Development/implementation of technology integration plan
• Facilities assessment, planning, operations and maintenance
• Utilities management
• Fraudulent program activity
• Energy conservation analysis/planning/implementation
• Policy analysis
• Process re-engineering to improve efficiency

Districts or Charter Schools may contract with the vendors for services.  Region 13 will manage the contract process.  Region 13 will develop the process through which LEAs reimburse the service center for vendor services.  The following vendors are approved through August 31, 2019: 

Gibson Consulting Group, Inc.

1801 South Mopac Expressway, Suite 270
Austin, TX  78746
(512) 328-0885

Lea(R)n, Inc.

509 W. North Street
Raleigh, NC  27603
(919) 247-5998

Public Works, LLC

1690 East Strasburg Road
West Chester, PA  19380
(610) 296-9443


P.O. Box 274
Austin, TX  78701
(310) 818-1905