Back to the ‘Write’ Basics - Creating Space for Writing in All Contents

Wed, Jun 13, 2018 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Writing is something that should be taking place in every class, but is something that teachers outside of ELAR don't usually get an opportunity to think about. Here is that chance - a time to spend with teachers from multiple grade levels and content areas thinking about writing and writing instruction. How can we authentically add writing into our classrooms?

This day will feature breakout sessions, so teachers who attend can select the sessions they feel will most impact them and their teaching. Presenters hail from in and around Austin and are currently working in the classroom or with students and teachers so they are able to be realistic about what happens in Texas classrooms.

Sessions were prepared with the following thinking in mind:

  • Writing is thinking
  • There is no one process that defines the way all writers write
  • We learn to write by writing
  • We have to do a lot of writing to accomplish the best writing
  • Writers need, and want, to write for real reasons for a real audience
  • Lessons of craft and conventions are best taught within the context of a meaningful piece of writing
  • Writers need choice, time, and models of good writing
  • Writers need constructive response while engaged in the process of writing that moves the writing forward and helps the writer grow
  • Evaluation of writing should highlight the strengths of the process, content, and conventions and give the writer the tools and techniques to strengthen their writing
  • Good writing is not defined by one set of criteria but differs depending on the kind of writing
  • Writers need places to collect their ideas: writer's notebooks, working folders, portfolios
  • Teachers have to know their students well enough to recognize their distinct strengths, interests, and needs
  • Writing is reading
  • The best writing has voice

Come join us for an exciting day!

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