Conscious Discipline: Building resilient classrooms during uncertain times

Tue, Oct 6, 2020 1:04 pm - 1:04 pm

Healthy relational interactions with adults are key to raising children who are resilient and able to manage stress and bounce back even when faced with adversity, but how do we achieve this at a time when we are living in such uncertainty. 

The key to navigating through this is for adults to equip themselves with the skills necessary to provide a felt sense of safety through consistent, responsive caregiving even during times of stress and unknown.  These vital interactions lay the foundation for optimal brain development, mental health, resilience and social-emotional development.

In this virtual training, Early Childhood Educators will:

  • discover how to reduce anxiety, for both themselves and their students with the goal of self-regulation and active calming even during uncertain times
  • understand the essential Conscious Discipline structures for virtual/in-person instruction to create a safe, connected, problem-solving School Family
  • explore Conscious Discipline COVID resources to have a successful school reentry


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