STAAR Math Prep Workshops

Wed, Feb 19, 2020 - Mon, Mar 30, 2020

The Math STAAR Tests are coming up, with the first math STAAR test happening on April 7th - April 10th. This year we’re helping your district prepare for the STAAR tests with our STAAR test prep workshops.

We’re offering prep workshops for the 3rd - 8th grade math STAAR tests along with a prep workshop for Algebra I.


During these workshops you’ll learn strategies and explore resources to support active, hands-on review for each reporting category on STAAR. You’ll also learn how to unpack the “hard to learn, hard to teach” TEKS assessed on the STAAR assessment and identify opportunities to gain ground with students. We’ll end the day by creating a plan for implementation that spirals skills and supports differentiation.

All of our workshops are Data driven, responsive to student learning needs, and learner-centered. We make sure that everything you learn is practical and can be realistically implemented in your classrooms in the months or weeks before STAAR testing.

Upcoming STAAR Prep Sessions

Workshop Name Workshop Date  
7th Grade Math STAAR Prep February 19th Register online
8th Grade Math STAAR Prep February 24th Register online
6th Grade Math STAAR Prep March 5th Register online
4th Grade Math STAAR Prep March 11th Register online
3rd Grade Math STAAR Prep March 25th Register online
Algebra I STAAR Prep March 30th Register online


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