Rich Elsasser

Executive Director

Lisa Gregory

Executive Secretary

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Planning Services
Provide districts, campuses and Region 13 staff with assistance in implementing long and short term planning processes. Planning components include goal setting, objective development, strategy formation and evaluation. Planning is based on analysis and interpretation of student performance data.
ESC Contact: Millie Klein, 512.919.5105

Communication and Production Services
The work we do depends on your needs. Every program and school we work with is unique and we focus on your successes and how we can enhance them.
If you don't have a strategy in place, we can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals. If you already have a plan, we can help you align your efforts through an approach that delivers a consistent message to your audience.
Our goal is to find a solution for your needs, whether through communication, strategy, or production of print and video.
ESC Contact: Jim Gonzales, 512.919.5205

Professional Development Center (PDC)
Region 13 is committed to providing high-quality professional learning. This team coordinates professional development activities for Region 13 staff and external clients upon request. Services include: team-building, planning, leading meetings, and small group facilitation.
ESC Contact: Krystal Herrington, 512.919.5228

The Texas Education Agency and the Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs) cooperatively engage in a focused effort to maintain, operate and improve a State-wide telecommunications network for video conferencing - the Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN). TETN provides cost effective interactive audio/video communication to educators across Texas. Videoconferencing enables live, interactive audio/video communication between two or more locations. Videoconferencing is an interactive medium. TETN promotes this visual opportunity by bringing people 'face to face' in live interactive sessions over long distances. There are 21 TETN videoconferencing sites located throughout Texas.
ESC Contact: Carol Willis, Manager - 512.919.5372

Executive Services
Commissioner’s Cabinet for Regional Services (CCRS)
The cabinet consists of the 20 executive directors and meets monthly to discuss issues related to service center initiatives and operations. The second day of the monthly meeting is held with the commissioner to discuss his/her issues and how ESCs can provide assistance.

Governmental Relations of CCRS
Each biennium, the CCRS chairman appoints committees and chairs of each. The governmental relations committee tracks funding and legislation that has direct impact on ESCs and districts.

Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)
This committee consists of the school district superintendents and charter school leaders. At the monthly meeting, the chair of RAC (elected by the membership) directs the meeting with the assistance of the executive director.  The agenda consists of updates in legal issues, the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) executive and legislative committee reports, and a featured speaker. The topics addressed by the speaker are varied, but pertinent to school operations and student learning. The RAC is also called on from time to time to provide input and share in Region 13 decision making. Annually, two client satisfaction surveys that serve as a Region 13 needs assessment instrument are distributed to RAC membership

Education Service Center Board of Directors
Each ESC is governed by seven voting members and one charter school member. The voting members are elected by the school board members in Region 13 while the charter school board member is appointed by the commissioner. There are a minimum of six meetings per year. Primary responsibilities include adoption of the budget, approving interlocal agreements with other entities, and employing an executive director.
ESC Contact: Rich Elsasser, 512.919.5301