Parent Handbook for Special Education

This handbook for parents and professionals is organized around the child-centered special education process and includes: Tips, Collaborative Strategies, Tools, and "Behind the Scenes with Educators".

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IEP Facilitation

FIEP LiveBinder

Facilitated IEP Meetings: An Emerging Practice

Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE)


Videos for Parents and Professionals

Using Effective Communication Skills


Open-Ended Questions - Disagreements can arise in any situation. The key to problem solving is listening.  And, the key to listening is effective questioning.  All types of questions can be helpful when used purposefully. Open-ended questions are most effective at drawing out people's ideas and concerns when beginning to problem solve. Watch our actors illustrate how important questions can be when working together.


Using Neutral Language. Emotions run high when issues are near and dear to our hearts.  As a listener, you can help a speaker by using neutral language AND by summarizing using neutral language.  Listen in as our novice facilitator receives coaching on this critical skill.  Think about how you can use this skill with colleagues and family members.


Positions and Interests - Problem solving is an every day occurrence. Yet, many times we start by demanding one outcome that we believe is the best way to solve the problem. Watch how defining the problem based on interests, rather than positions, expands the discussion and possible solutions.

Parent Companion:First Five Years

Parent Companion First Five Years website is a guide for Texas Parents and caregivers of children diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.