THSCS Sustainability Portal

The High School Completion and Success Grant Sustainability Portal provides subscribers with the tools, resources, and training you need to continue and enhance your efforts to build rigor, relevance, relationships, and success on your high school campuses.  High School Completion and Success grantees may subscribe to the Portal for the period May 2008 through August 31, 2009.  Subscriptions are priced at $5,000.  The subscription fee may be paid out of your THSCS grant funds, local funds or a combination. If using THSCS grant funds, you must place your order in time for the order to be processed by Region 13 by close of business on May 30.

Subscribers to the High School completion and Success Portal will receive access to these products and services from Region 13:

Comprehensive Needs Assessment:  Region 13 has developed an easy-to-use Comprehensive Needs Assessment tool that educators can customize, based on the strengths and opportunities presented on their campus.  The tool includes a Data Disaggregation component, based on state and federal accountability and AEIS data, needs assessment and analysis, based Victoria Bernhardt’s research on the use of demographic, student learning, school process, and perception data; and campus planning, including action plans and objectives.  Region 13 charges campus teams approximately $3,000 to attend training in the Comprehensive Needs Assessment tool.  This service and supporting training is free to portal subscribers. 

Core Area Professional Development: Region 13 offers unlimited access to online professional development through the portal.  These courses focus on core secondary subjects and can be used for certification or continuing education purposes.  Region 13 normally charges $150 per seat for these courses.  Portal subscribers have free, unlimited access to online courses in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies from now until August 31, 2009. 
All onliine classes listed on this page are free for members of the THSCS Sustainability Portal.

  • TExES Review 
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) Math 8-12: Concepts, Principles & Strategies ECP 
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) English Language Arts 8-12: Concepts, Principles & Strategies ECP
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) Generalist 4-8: Concepts, Principles & Strategies
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) English Language Arts 4-8: Concepts, Principles & Strategies
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) Math 4-8: Concepts, Principles & Strategies
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) Science 4-8: Concepts, Principles & Strategies
  • TExES Review: (THSCS Grant) Social Studies 4-8: Concepts, Principles & Strategies

4X4 Planning and Program Design

Portal subscribers have access to Region 13’s materials presenting policies and approaches to planning and program design for the new 4X4 curriculum requirements.  The new requirements apply to all freshmen entering 9th grade in the 2007-2008 school year.  These materials include online videos and related documents.

Counseling Materials:  To better support high school completion and success for all students, portal subscribers have access to counseling materials, including best practices, planning documents, legislative updates and communication templates and tools. 

Assessment and Accountability Updates:  Portal subscribers receive regular updates and presentations on the state assessment system and the state and federal accountability systems.  Materials include templates that portal subscribers may complete to present accountability information to their boards of trustees.  Having and maintaining access to the latest assessment and accountability information is critical as the state transitions to end-of-course testing and as the Select Committee on Public School Accountability meets to consider and propose changes to the state accountability system. 

Training:  Subscribers have free access to web-based training in select Portal tools and materials, as well as onsite training.  The training, when offered at Region 13 or at your campus, is valued at $70 per person.  Training related to the High School Completion and Success grant is offered online through web-based seminars at no charge to portal subscribers.