Homeless Education Program

From Tulane University School of Social Work a new blog post. Homelessness and Poverty Among Students: Raising Awareness and Providing Support. Read it here.

Education Service Center Region 13’s Homeless Education program (HEP) has worked with regional school districts, charter schools, and social service agencies for over 20 years to encourage and support the identification, enrollment, and academic success of children and youth without homes.

Students without homes have certain rights under the law. (The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is the name of the major Federal law that protects this group.) Many people – students, families, school teachers or administrators – may be unaware of their rights and responsibilities under this Act. We help educate educators about how they can best help these most vulnerable children succeed.

Region 13’s HEP offers a wide variety of educational, informational, and networking opportunities, including on-site trainings, center-based workshops, electronic newsletters, an online class, and technical assistance for homeless liaisons and campus staff.

The Texas Homeless Education Office has released an email outlining important info and response information related to Hurricane Harvey. Click here to read the full email.

All LEAs should do everything they can to track students in their district or entering their district that have been affected by Harvey. It will be some time before any determinations are made about whether additional aid will be available, the extent of this assistance, how it can be used, and how it will be delivered. However, we also know that previous aid programs have required districts to be able to verify the number of students it is serving that have been impacted by the particular storm or disaster at hand. So, be sure that you add a "Harvey Indicator" to your local school database systems to track these students until some other mechanism becomes available. The PEIMS instructions and templates on the THEO website do have a space for indicating the nature or name of a storm impacting on the life of enrolling students, so, if nothing else, a paper record can help keep track of these number until another solution arises. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) may have resources in the works, too; but, this will help in the interim.

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