Services - Homeless Education Program

Region 13’s HEP offers a wide variety of educational, informational, and networking opportunities, including on-site and Center-based trainings, electronic newsletters, an online class, and technical assistance.

Homeless Education Cooperative
School districts and charter schools may join the Homeless Education Cooperative. Annual dues allow members complimentary access to HEP trainings (including the online course), luncheon sessions on issues of critical importance for homeless liaisons, a resource book of key provisions and strategies for implementation of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, and opportunities for networking and resource development. 

Cooperative meetings can be attended by interested parties who do not belong to the Co-op. Please view the meeting schedule and register through our workshops page.

Focus Group Meetings
These gatherings are a time for homeless liaisons and other interested local education agency representatives to discuss pressing issues and current concerns, brainstorm potential solutions, and request technical assistance from Region 13 staff. Speakers on topics relevant to counselors, homeless liaisons, and others who work with this population are often invited to present for a portion of each meeting. Register through our workshops page.

Online Class
Region 13’s Homeless Education program offers a one-hour online class titled “Balancing the Equation: Homeless ≠ Hopeless”.This brief but intensive, low-cost alternative to more formal trainings targets classroom teachers, counselors, school administrators, registrars, nurses, school nutrition personnel, and other school staff who may come in contact with homeless students, but may not know how best to help. The course is an introduction to the issue of homelessness, the challenges facing students without homes, and the solutions available to school staff to improve their plight. Register through our workshops page.

Technical Assistance
You may find yourself, at times, struggling with decisions related to homeless education. Does a student qualify as homeless?  How should a transportation dispute be handled? What services must or should be offered? Please feel free to contact our specialist:

Holiday Giving Programs
Region 13’s HEP also runs two special holiday giving programs. The Thanksgiving Basket project collects non-perishable food items and grocery store gift cards, creates, and distributes the gift baskets to regional families in need or in crisis. Our Adopt-a-Family program matches donor groups or individuals with homeless families or unaccompanied youth who would struggle during the Christmas season. If you wish to donate to either program, please contact our specialist: