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Instructional Coaching Pathways (ICP) is formerly known as The Instructional Coaching Network. ICP is a differentiated approach to targeted professional learning that provides the opportunity for participants to improve their coaching craft and grow their practice and skill through a series of 8 half-day sessions (9:00 – 12:00). To maintain fidelity and commitment to learning, registration within the pathway needs to remain consistent. Our mission is to increase the capacity of district and campus-level instructional coaches by strengthening the partnership between leadership, instructional coaches, and teachers.

Instructional Coaching Pathways Options:

Instructional Coaching Network

Purpose: To advance coaching skills and practice through collaborative cohorts, peer coaching, and the development and sharing of coaching tools and strategies.

Coaching Teams

Purpose: To learn how to implement coaching cycles to improve a PLC team’s capacity to:

  • Build collaborative culture
  • Clarify what students must learn
  • Take collective action toward results

Instructional Coaching Hot Topics

Purpose: To keep participants informed regarding the latest research and just-in-time strategies to apply to their coaching practice. Hot topics are based on the surveyed needs of the districts we serve.

Instructional Coaching Pathways annual fee for distrit/charter:

  • Plan A: 1–4 Members $1,280
  • Plan B: 5–10 Members $3,200
  • Plan C: 11–15 Members $3,600
  • Plan D: 16–24 Members $4,800
  • Plan E: 25–35 Members $7,000
  • Plan F: 36+ Members $9,000


Virtual Coaching Services – One Region 13 coach will partner with each participant to provide one-on-one support and implementation of learning to build capacity. The cost is $80 per hour, and the total hours chosen per district can be split among participating Pathways Members. Choose the total number of virtual coaching hours for your group per school year.

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