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Coaches work one-on-one with teachers, providing guidance, training, and other resources as needed. Together, we set goals and improve practices in order to impact student achievement. Instructional Coaching impacts student performance more than standard workshops alone. Research shows that if a district wants to affect student performance, then instruction needs to reach the highest quality possible. Through our partnership, we develop your capacity for sustained implementation of instructional best practices to meet your students’ needs. The process is designed specifically for our coaches to work alongside you, your team or district-level coaches to:

  • Focus on student learning
  • Plan effective instruction
  • Align resources
  • Facilitate instructional practices
  • Analyze data
  • Increase student success


Face-to-Face (F2F): Contract with an coach to work face-to-face with you through the coaching cycle. Additional support is provided via email, phone, or other remote options such as Google Hangouts and Skype.
Virtual Coaching: Contract with an instructional coach to view classrooms securely and remotely using a camera and Iris Connect System. Together, we schedule times for learning and collaboration.
Blended Coaching: Contact with a coach for a blend of face-to-face and virtual communication when face-to-face time is not required or always an option. Together, we schedule times for learning and collaboration either in person or virtually.
Customized Support: If you need custom support, we’ll craft a coaching contract designed to fit your needs, goals, outcomes, and timeline.


For more information on Instructional Coaching Services and to sign up, contact Stacey Durham,


Stacey Durham
C&I Coordinator
(512) 919-5163
Angela Buckingham
Program Manager
(512) 919-5137

Laura Varney
Program Assistant
(512) 919-5137